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Why choose electric micromobility and what are the best models?

What if you switched to electric transport for your daily trips? This is a question that more and more people are asking themselves today, when urban transport such as bicycles, scooters or scooters want to be more ecological, but also more practical and more economical. Whether you opt for a VAE (electrically assisted bicycle), a scooter, a scooter or even a quadricycle, electric transport brings many advantages.

Electric transport: an ecological, practical and economical solution

Electric transport is better for the environment than using a petrol or diesel car. While the ecological question is at the center of attention today, the choice of low CO2 transport is to be highlighted. As a bonus, compared to the car or public transport, vehicles such as the scooter, the VAE or the scooter allow you to avoid traffic jams in the big cities. Whether for work or leisure, you will spend less time in daily transport.

Electric transport has another major advantage over public transport: it is reliable. With the common strikes at the moment and the recurring problems encountered by public transport, it is difficult to be on time every day when relying only on the metro, bus or tram. By buying your own electric vehicle, you avoid all these worries.

It should also be noted that with the ban on electric scooters looming in Paris, if they were your main means of transport until then, it will be time to anticipate and buy your own vehicle. On April 2, the inhabitants of the capital voted to ban self-service scooters in Paris. These should therefore disappear on August 31, 2023.

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Finally, if electric transport is so attractive today, it is also because it is an economical solution for daily travel. The price of oil continues to rise and a full tank of gas easily exceeds €100 in 2023. As for cars, the cost of construction is increasing, as is the number of safety equipment. As a result, cars are getting more and more expensive every year.

In 2020, the average price of a new car was €26,789, compared to €19,767 in 2010. Le Figaro also reports that, since the start of the Covid crisis in January 2020, the price of used cars has increased by 43.7%. Whether new or used, the car really does not seem to be the preferred solution if the budget is an important criterion.

Opposite, the average price of a VAE in 2022 is only 1965€. That of a scooter is 455€ and an electric scooter costs at least 3500€. As a bonus, for smaller budgets, it is possible to take advantage of a state subsidy of €300 to €3,000 to help you invest in this type of transport. The amount of aid depends on the category of vehicle purchased. They go for example up to 2000€ for a cargo bike and up to 900€ of ecological bonus for scooters.

Make the right choice with Chango, a marketplace specializing in electric mobility

But if the choice of electric transport finally seems obvious, there is still a difficult task to perform: make the right choice and buy the vehicle that will meet all your needs. Several criteria are to be taken into account in the selection of your electric transport and while the models have multiplied in recent years, it is becoming really difficult to buy a model without the advice of a professional.

To help you in your quest, website offers you a selection of vehicles chosen for their quality, ease of maintenance and fair price. It is the first e-commerce site dedicated to urban electric mobility.

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Its goal: to help you make the right choice according to your needs and your budget by accompanying you throughout your purchasing process. From the site, you can:

  • Discuss by phone or video with experts.
  • Test products in real conditions.
  • Find the repair centers closest to you.
  • Take advantage of insurance for your vehicle.
  • Get help with the grant application.
  • Benefit from a payment spread.

Bicycles (Gaya, Voltaire, Elwing…), scooters (Silence, Brumaire…), scooters (Ninebot…), quadricycles (Silence, Biro…), all the vehicles offered by Chango are exclusively electric. It should also be noted that the site does not offer any stock and orders vehicles according to demand. Online advisors therefore have no interest in leading you to one vehicle over another and you are sure to benefit from objective and reliable advice. Finally, you can also find accessories for all needs and budgets on the site.

The best models of VAE from 1000€


Are you looking for a practical and efficient electric bike? Here is our selection of the best VAE today at Chango:

  • The GAYA CARGO – at 2500€, it is a very well designed long-tail bike for daily use with children and which benefits from very good manufacturing quality with an original and timeless look as a bonus.
  • Mad Bike Sport 2 – at 2190€, it’s a very good choice for sporty cyclists with high quality aluminum finishes, a torque of 45Nm (it is one of the most coupled on the market) and an urban and efficient design.
  • ELWING’s Yuvy – at 2299€, it’s a pleasant fatbike that offers pleasure and freedom and can carry 2 people on its saddle. It is very well designed, offers good finishes and is manufactured by a very recognized brand.
  • The SHIFTBIKES – at 1890€, it’s a very good product for a practical commuting, with a very good bike that has all the practical accessories (mudguards, luggage rack, etc.).
  • Momentum’s Model T – at 1000€, it’s a great product to switch to the VAE. It is reliable, proven, with a nice look and at a low price. With the aids, it can come at a price similar to a muscle bike.

To compare all models, go to the Electric Bikes section at Chango.

The best models of electric scooters from 139€

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As for electric scooters, we offer 3 price ranges:

  • The Ninebot KickScooter F25E II – at €459, it is ideal for beginners (250W, 25km/h max, 25km range, electronic front brake and rear hydraulic disc brake).
  • The Ninebot KickScooter P65E – at 1199€, it offers excellent value for money (980W, 25km/h max, 65km range, hydraulic disc front brake and electronic rear brake).
  • The Ninebot KickScooter GT1E at €2299, it’s the ultimate electric scooter (70km range, self-repairing Tubeless, suspension with hydraulic damping and integrated front and rear indicators).

To compare all models, go to the section Electric scooters at Chango.

The best models of electric scooters from 3390€


Do you prefer electric scooters for more speed and range? With these, you can indeed enjoy engines equivalent to 50cc or 125cc (depending on the model). Here is our Top 4 of the best models:

  • The Silence S01 Plus – at €7,790, it’s the best-seller among electric scooters (0 to 50km/h in 2.9sec, 100km/h max, 133km range, 125cc equivalent, 6h recharge).
  • The TilScoot RS Sport edition – at €4722, it offers a vintage look for a high-performance scooter (85km/h max, 100km range, 125cc equivalent, 5h recharge).
  • The Brumaire 3000 Watts – at €2790, it’s an economical and practical choice (45km/h max, 80km range, 50cc equivalent, 4h30 recharging).
  • The TilCruiser R – at 7690€, it’s a premium scooter (110km/h max, 150km range, 125cc equivalent, 4h recharge, 6000W, 140kg).

To compare all models, go to the Electric Scooters section at Chango.

The best quadricycle models


Are you looking for an electric car for safe urban travel? We advise you to turn to the quadricycle, an electric car designed for city travel in complete safety and comfort. It is a whole new category of urban electric transport which is destined to grow considerably in the years to come. Chango offers several very interesting vehicles in this sector:

  • Biro, it offers a small size for easy parking, 4 disc brakes and a steel body. We also note its autonomy of 100km, its removable Re-Move battery on wheels and its fleet management and car-sharing service for companies.
  • Kilow’s Car, with a surprising look, it’s a fun car and 100% Made in France. It exists in 2 versions with or without a license (limited to 45km/h or 80km/h) and offers an aluminum body with plastic reinforcements. It is guaranteed for 2 years, does not require a technical inspection and is eligible for 900€ of ecological bonus and up to 1100€ of conversion bonus (depending on your income). On the autonomy side, it lasts 70km and can go up to 140km thanks to an additional battery pack.
  • The Silence S04, it is an innovative car with a compact design and goes everywhere. It also offers a version without a license up to 45km/h and a version with a license up to 90km/h. Robust, it offers an enlarged shield on the front face surrounded by matt black hard plastic front fenders. It is equipped with disc brakes and an ABS system (optional) and a 313-litre boot with two 5.6 kWh batteries for a range of 149 km.

To learn more about these models, go to the Quadricycle section at Chango.


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