Thursday, March 30, 2023

Who suits Unicaja to win AEK-Galatasaray?

Who suits the Unicaja that AEK-Galatasaray win this Wednesday? That is the big question that the typesetting hobby is asking right now. Depending on the result of that match (6:30 p.m.), the continental future of the Los Guindos team will be one or the other, an easier or steeper path to be the continental Group K champions next week, a great objective for Ibon Navarro’s men .

The most favorable option is that Galatasaray prevail on the AEK track. The ‘bad’ news is that we would have to wait another week to close the mathematical classification. The good news is that Unicaja would have it in their power to be first in the group. Because? Because Navarro’s men would have the ‘license’ to lose on the last day of the Round of 16 against AEK and remain first in the triple draws that would take place between compositors, Ottomans and Greeks.

This yes, it would be necessary to do it by a difference of points that only will be able to calculate definitively after knowing the result of the AEK-Galatasaray. So above, Unicaja has an average of +22, Galatasaray -10 and AEK -12. That difference between the Greeks and the Istanbulites, which would have to be modified this Wednesday, is the margin that Unicaja would have, with both, to lose on the last day and continue as first in the group.

Another case is may AEK win. Less bizarre in mathematics, but more detrimental to compositor interests. If the Greeks win, both they and Malaga will be mathematically classified for the quarterfinals -if the greens don’t fail against Limoges-. The complexity comes to be first in the group. There Unicaja will be obliged to win on the AEK court. How much? 1, 15, 22 or 50. It wouldn’t matter. The only condition is to win. The difference will not have any impact because the victory would place the compositors with five victories and AEK would leave it with four.

A less probable case, but to take into account, is that Galatasaray win and Unicaja lose this tiewhich would cause a triple tie in the absence of the last day. Those in green and purple would have to beat the Hellenes and it would be enough because the tiebreaker with the Turks, if they beat Limoges, would be in favor of Unicaja, having scored the highest number of points in their corresponding match (81).

So with this panorama the day of Wednesday is faced. It will be necessary to be aware of what happens in Greece from 6:30 p.m. because that is where the European future of Unicaja will be.


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