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Who is the president in Latin America and the Caribbean with the most followers on social networks?

Here we have a figure: Latin America and the Caribbean is home to more than 543.39 million of people with internet connectivity. Those numbers make it the fifth largest regional social media market in the world.

Today, the digital tools They are not only a source of employment for the general population, but also play a role within larger objectives, such as political strategies. Because yes, although when talking about the personalities with more followers in the digital media, artistic names stand out, the presidents are not far behind.

Before, the interaction with the presidents It was limited, however, thanks to social networks, now it is in real time, “or almost in real time,” the communication and public affairs consultant, Felipe Vallejos, explained to elDinero.


Although Facebook headed the ranking of the social networks with the most active users, with approximately 2,960 million, according to data from DataReportal, is in instagram where the presidential account with the most followers is located.

However, when speaking of presidents in social networksthat position is held by Lula da Silva, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil. It was not be for lowerly. That country was home to 181.8 million Internet users at the beginning of 2023, with a penetration of 84.3%. It also has 152.4 million users of social networks.

Da Silva’s followers in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter adds 26 million. Only in the photography social network he has 12 million, where he also leads as the president with the most users consuming his digital content.

MexicoFor its part, it is not only in second place as the nation with the most Internet users, with more than 100 million Internet users and 94 million on social networks. Your president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador It is positioned as the second with the most total followers in its accounts, reaching 21 million.

In third place, by total number, is the counterpart Nayib Bukele, from El Salvador, with 16 million, while in fourth and fifth position are Gustavo Petrofrom Colombia, and Nicolas Madurofrom Venezuela, with 11 million and six million, respectively.

That top coincides with the list of most populous countries in the region. Brazil accounts for an estimated 215.8 million inhabitants in 2023. In Mexico there are 128.0 million, while in Colombia 51.9 million. Although Venezuela is not in that order in number of people, this year it exceeded 28.5 million.

When analyzing the population by country, it can be seen that in El Salvador there are barely 6.3 million and the sum of the followers of its president on social networks almost triples its population.

By social network

The ruler with elderly number of followers on Facebook is Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador, totaling more than 10 million. He is followed by Bukele, from El Salvador, with 6.7 million, an amount that exceeds the inhabitants of his country, and Lula da Silva with 5.6 million.

In the case of instagramAfter Da Silva, there is also Bukele with 4.8 million, and Gustavo Petro, president of Colombia, with 1.8 million. On Twitter, the Mexican head of state once again leads the list with 9.7 million, followed by the Brazilian with 7.6 million and finally Petro with 6.6 million.


For him expert in communications, networks have changed the dynamics of doing policy in the world. When asked if there is a relationship between the number of followers and the acceptance of a candidate, the answer was “no.”

Explain what you have to see with a magnifying glass the number “pure and hard” of a particular president and compare it with the total number of followers on the social network. To this is added that it is necessary to subtract the fake accounts, and from real sources, inactive users to have a more accurate analysis.

“Social networks are importantbut they are not determinative, nor are television, radio and newspapers”, he indicates, while pointing out that, sometimes, politicians believe or want to govern for social networks “and they forget to govern for the street, for public opinion, for what is being talked about in the neighborhoods,” he says. In this sense, he warns that the media you have to see it “as a whole”.

political strategies

“A president You may have 1,000,000 followers, but let’s see how many followers are fake. Let’s see how many are real, and of the real ones, how many are actually active. Likewise, how many are actually following, reading and interacting”.

“The communication of the government, or of a president, through virtual social networks must also have a certain type of regulation and must also have certain types of restrictions. Because communication is important. There must be certain filters and parameters.”


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