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Who is Renard, the hero behind the Argentine slaughter?

Saudi Arabia is at the center of discussion in the entire football world after defeating Argentina 2-1 in Qatar World Cup. History says this is their biggest achievement in the World Cup. Renard was the hero behind the Argentine slaughter in such success.

But who is Renard? Behind the magic of Messi’s tested magic has faded? He is French coach Harvey Renard.

Renard was born in a lower middle class family in a village in France. His childhood love for football made him a successful coach. This information is available in a report of

But Renard’s road to success was not so smooth. He had to learn success by burning a lot of wood. He once worked as a sweeper to run a poor family. He also served as a bus conductor.

Renard started his coaching career with French club Draghien. Later, he became the coach of Zambia, a fourth division club in England. In his second season, he defeated Ivory Coast in the final of the Cup of Nations and gave the team the aroma of the title. Renard then won the same title for Ivory Coast.

Renard was the coach of Morocco in the 2018 Russia World Cup. At that time, the African team played on the world stage after 20 years holding his hand. Then joined Saudi Arabia as manager. He was tasked with getting Saudi on the World Cup train after qualifying.

He fulfilled his duty, but Renard made history by defeating the football superpower Argentina in the first match of the World Cup. Saudi Arabia started the Qatar World Cup mission like a dream under him. This French coach is waiting to show more surprises in Qatar.

(23 November/SM)

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