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Who is Piers Morgan? The sexist journalist that Rubiales chose to communicate his resignation

Luis Rubiales decided to present his resignation as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), from which he had been temporarily suspended by FIFA, at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 10. At 9:54 p.m. he made it public through a Google Drive document posted on his X account (previously Twitter). Ten minutes before, Piers Morgan, British journalist, published a clip of an interview in which Rubiales announced his resignation.

But who is Piers Morgan? And why did the former president of the Federation decide to travel to a program in the United Kingdom? At 58 years old, Morgan is a well-known and controversial English journalist who has always been linked to British tabloids such as ‘The Sun’. Likewise, he has been a presenter on reality shows such as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, but he has also worked on CNN. Rubiales decided to internationalize his resignation and did so through one of the media speakers of international sensationalism.

The interview in which Ronaldo said he was leaving United

Before the interview with Rubiales, his big exclusive was at the end of 2022, before the Qatar World Cupwhen Cristiano Ronaldo announced on his show ‘Piers Morgan Uncesored’ that put an end to his second stage at Manchester United. After publishing the key fragment of the conversation with the former president of the RFEF, Morgan explained that Rubiales had traveled to London “for a two-hour interview”.

He defined their meeting as “raw, powerful and emotional” and referred to the events that occurred as “the kiss and grab of the crotch that have made him the most infamous man in the world”. At the moment, only fragments of the meeting between Rubiales and Morgan are known, but during this week the entire interview will be published. Beyond the fact that he spoke in English on a foreign network, the choice of the British journalist, knowing the nature of the Rubiales case, generates controversy.

“Is Women’s Day over yet? I’m hungry!”

Morgan has been singled out for years for his belligerent machismo. In 2022 he shared a clearly misogynistic tweet that he found very funny. He did it on March 8: “Is Women’s Day over yet? I’m hungry!” Far from being an anecdote, his fights against feminism on social networks are constant. In 2018, he criticized a Little Mix advert where the models appeared naked with their bodies full of insultsthe ones they listened to for years.

“I hope the day comes when you realize there are other ways to be relevant without having to criticize young, beautiful, successful women for whatever they do. I’m sure it’s something wonderful for you, your career… Or what’s left of it.“Ariana Grande replied. Morgan is a fiery enemy of Meghan Markle, whom he called ‘Princess Pinocchio’.

He called Harry’s wife a liar, who had reported being a victim of systematic mistreatment by the British royal family. “Now she is where she has always wanted: she is married and she and her prince are best friends with the Clooneys and Michelle Obama. And meanwhile, his poor, ruined father is alone and sick in Mexico,” he went on to say about Markle.

Luis Rubiales, during the interview given on the program ‘Piers Morgan Uncesored’. EPE

“Rubiales has done a very convincing interview”

Morgan received a barrage of criticism and the British media regulatory body investigated and ended up protecting the communicator. More recently, The journalist to whom Rubiales confessed brought out his misogyny again. This time, the victim was Madonna. “That whole thing about trying to be a sex kitten when you’re 60 years old… I think it has become the most grotesque shame in the history of world entertainment,” inferred a Morgan capable of getting into any garden. He also thought it appropriate to criticize Julia Roberts for not shaving her armpits.

His history of controversy has also been directly linked to his career. Morgan was investigated in ‘Operation Golding’ for tapping celebrities’ phones to obtain exclusives, including: one of Diana of Wales when she directed the also sensational ‘Daily Mirror’.

This is the portrait of a Piers Morgan who defined the interview with Rubiales as “one of the most convincing I have done, in which nothing was left out”. Regarding the content and decision made during the interview, Morgan concludes that “some people will be happy that Rubiales has resigned, but others will think that it is wrong that he has lost his job and that he now faces criminal proceedings for that kiss.”


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