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Who are to blame for Málaga CF’s extreme situation?

A little over half a year ago, last summer, directors of Málaga CF talked about a project to fight at the top of the table and even the newly signed players themselves set themselves the goal of fight for promotion and return the club to its rightful place. Everything came together, a higher budget and salary limit, cleaning of the squad and signings that generated illusion, institutional support to improve the accounts… It was the campaign that invited everyone to dream that it was possible, but the shock of reality has been tremendous, now the team of martyrs It needs a miracle to save the category when we are still in the month of March and there are still 12 days to play.

Nothing has gone as expected, neither in the offices nor on the bench nor on the pitch. Once the historical shock is consumed, it will be time to clear up responsibilities, but while Malaguismo wants answers. What has been done wrong? Who is guilty that one of the biggest budgets of LaLiga SmartBank is on the brink of relegation to the First RFEF? The reality is that there is no single culprit, all the protagonists –judicial administrator, sports director, template and trainers– have had their share of responsibility.

court administrator

The visible head of the entity since 3 years ago The judge entrusted him with judicial administration of the entity. His work on an economic level, what he dominates best, cannot be criticized, but on a sporting level the club is failing, with capital letters. Jose Maria Munoz He is in charge of all the important decisions that are made in the entity, and that also makes him responsible for the march. In a football club, in his position, he not only looks after the money, but also that the institution works correctly in terms of sports, and there he has failed.

He judicial administrator He has been the one who has maintained or has given the confidence to the leaders of each area and it has taken him 3 years to surround himself with a new general manager with command in place in the sports field. The management, until the arrival of Kike Perez, It depended exclusively on him, and the sports results (another thing will be the accounts) are there.

Manolo Gaspar, at his farewell Alex Zea

Manolo Gaspar

The creator of this template. The leader of the sports field until he had to leave the club a few weeks ago – there is still no replacement, kike perez perform functions temporarily. The Paleño leader had in his possession a big budget and salary cap to set up a guarantee template, and your work has failed. It’s no longer that the fourth-highest salary cap in LaLigaSmartBank Don’t go fighting for promotion, you’re about to be relegated, and with weeks to spare.

His mistakes, for example, in making decisions regarding the bench come from last year. Four dismissals in one year. he threw Jose Alberto to bring to natxo gonzalez; then he trusted Guede and gave him full powers to configure this season and, after his dismissal, signed Pepe Mel and he also charged it when, possibly, the team was better throughout the course, to return to the starting box with Pellicer. Seen what has been seen, in the past, each decision has been worse than the previous one.

He has also missed several additions. Many of the signings of the summer have not been up to the task and in the winter market he did not know how to amend his mistake. The arrival of lumor with the season started, a fiasco, and another arrival in January as the Appiahwith a testimonial participation, leave their work in their last months in office highly questioned.

N’Diaye Gregory Marrero


Despite the mistakes that have been made in the offices, the squad can’t get off scot-free if he does not achieve the miracle in the last 12 days. The footballers are in charge of acting on the pitch and their level has not been up to par since the start of the season. A squad theoretically designed to be at the top, with experienced players and a good poster in the category, is 20th, with only 25 points, after 30 days. They have only known how to win 5 games, for 10 draws and 15 losses. And this has led to being 10 points away from permanence with 12 games to go and having a Spanish football legend on the brink of falling to First RFEF.

The individual and collective mistakes there have been many throughout the course. There are many players who have not given the minimum required level and who are highly marked. His performances have cost many points in decisive matches.

Sergio Pellicer, Málaga CF coach. Malaga CF


three coaches Málaga CF has had so far this season and none of them have hit the nail on the head. Guede He was in charge of collaborating in the preparation of the squad, designing the preseason and taking the first steps of a season that went wrong from the beginning. He completely failed, he only lasted 6 games in charge, with a poor 3 out of 18 possible points. then came Pepe Mel. It was difficult for the man from Madrid to start, but as the weeks went by the team saw improvement and even reached the Christmas break 2 points from salvation. But the start of 2023 was a disaster and the sports management also decided to do without it. The numbers did not support him: he took the team 4 points from remaining and left it right there 18 games later, after signing 18 points out of 54 possible (3 wins, 9 draws and 6 losses).

now it has arrived Sergio Pellicer, the one who has been on the boat for the least time. Without being the biggest culprit in the situation, the reality is that the team has gone from being 4 to being 10 points behind in just 6 games. His balance is 4 points out of 18, with 1 game won, 1 tied and 4 lost. Not enough for everyone.


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