Thursday, September 21, 2023

Which Liga MX team is Wendy Guevara a fan of?

Wendy Guevara is the sensation in the entertainment world and the social networks of Mexico after winning the first edition of The House of the Famousbut still not much is known about her as a which Liga MX team supports.

However, she revealed it herself during the broadcast of the reality show. Despite being from Leon, Guanajuato, she is not a follower Fiercebut of the same America club.

While some of the participants were streaming via smartphone, she appeared on camera and yelled “Up America”although they asked him for a greeting for some people.

In fact, guevara was one of the favorites Eaglesnext to Emilio Osorioto win The House of the Famoussomething that in the end he achieved.

In an August 11 post, the bluecreams they made an invitation to the Nest, both to Wendy like Osorioso we will have to wait to see if the winner of the reality show go to the house of bluecreams.


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