Friday, September 29, 2023

When you go 11 years without getting a victory

La Vuelta is transformed into a world of rich and poor. They all have similar bikes. There is no one who faces the race with a ‘iron’ that makes noise on each climb, or who has to pedal with measures that are not theirs. This is as far as we could go, since they are all professionals and very good at their trade from first to last in the general classification.

But, obviously, they are not the same objectives, nor do they charge the same, They don’t live on the same planet. Some run to win, or try to, and others are waiting for one day, almost like the Euromillion draw, to match all the numbers, to claim victory and to be the happiest in the world for a few hours. But, in cycling, as in other sports, achieving victory is not an easy task or objective and, sometimes, all the planets have to align in order to achieve it.

like a mirage

Sometimes it is so close that you can almost touch it with your hands, like the mirage that they say appears in the desert when the unfortunate person is dying of thirst. In it La Vuelta peloton there are as many differences as in other environments of society. And there are even cyclists who, when they ride, when their bikes coincide with those of stars like Jonas Vingegaard either Remco Evenepoel, they try to stay away because they don’t want to appear in the press as causing a misfortune.

If they fall, they don’t even get cited, quite the opposite of a figure that gives a big blow. If cycling fans are interested in what a star like Primoz Roglic, to name a famous name, can do, cyclists like the members of the teams Rural Box either Burgos-BH they compete in the Vuelta far from the media impact, but they sweat the same, cover the same kilometers, share the same hotels and their families are aware of what they do, they suffer the same in the event of a mishap and if one day a victory comes they will feel proud and possibly the allegsdos open the windows of their houses to shout euphorically and that the whole neighborhood finds out that they have won a stage of the Vuelta

The history of the Rural Fund

He Rural Box It supposes the effort and perseverance of a bank paying for the tenacity of a small team, the one that missed last year’s Vuelta because all the Spanish squads did not fit, due to the script’s requirements. They are the ones in 2012 they won a stage of the Vuelta, a feat to remember since since then they have always been left with skin on their lips, like Friday in Oliva when Orluis Alberto Aularsecond at the finish line, the stage win escaped him as if it were a sigh.

They will not be pending a general for which they do not fight but rather the power to escape to enjoy minutes and to dream that they raise their hands. They don’t care if the top of the class fights. They know they have enough time to escape. You just have to mark the day in red, even if a lot of rivals think the same. Because one day the flute of victory will sound again and that’s when the celebration, contrary to those who are used to winning everywhere, HE you will hear a bang of happiness, joy and, of course, cycling justice because so many years without achieving a victory deserves a reward, at least for cycling justice.


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