Friday, December 9, 2022

‘When there was no money for treatment, Tabassum didi helped’, said Johnny Lever

Renowned Bollywood actress, television presenter, producer Tabassum Govil passed away on Friday night due to cardiac arrest. The entire industry is shocked by the sudden death. Johnny Lever, who was close to Tabassum, is also shocked by this news.

Johnny Lever was very close to Tabassum’s family. Talking to, Johnny said, ‘Just now I got a call from my daughter. He informed me about it. I was considering it as a rumor too. Even before this, the rumor of his death had spread during Corona. I immediately called my son Hoshang and said that this rumor is going on, he said with a heavy heart that no, today this rumor has become true. He had passed away last night. Still can’t believe this news. Can’t understand how to react.

Johnny considered Tabassum as elder sister

Johnny further says, I had a domestic relationship with Tabassum ji. I used to consider her as my elder sister. He has supported me a lot in the beginning of my career. We used to do a show together. This thing will be of 1979, when she was an anchor at Kalyan ji Anand ji’s place and I also used to do mimicry there. Even when no one knew me, she used to invite a boy like me to her house and feed her with love. There were so many visits to her house that I didn’t realize when I started considering her as my sister. Whenever there was a gathering at home, then call Johnny, he used to have a dialogue. It would not be wrong to say that he has helped a lot in shaping my career. She was a very helpful person. He has recommended me in many films in the industry. He gave a chance in his film too. She used to interview all the big personalities in Phool Khile Gulshan-Gulshan, I was given a chance there too. Her departure has been very painful, she was one of my well wishers. She used to talk to everyone with love. From her househelp to any big personality, she used to treat everyone equally. This specialty of his used to separate him from everyone. A lot of jokes used to be exchanged between us too.

Johnny says, I remember we went to London in connection with a show. I had gone abroad for the first time, I did not even have that much money. My health had deteriorated after going there. I didn’t even have the extra money with me to see the doctor. When he came to know about this, he immediately came to me and scolded him saying what is this. He handed over the money and said let’s go to the doctor. I was so in love with him that no matter how much I mention him, the story will fall short. Our families have been coming to each other’s house. The last meeting took place during the marriage of his granddaughter. Then often we used to talk on the phone. If she saw any of my films or shows, she used to call me and tell me that I missed you when I saw you on TV. At the time of Corona, he was scared by the false rumor of his death, then joking on that too, he said that Johnny I am speaking from heaven. I wish that call comes back.

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