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When Kapil Sharma ran away from the set after seeing Shahrukh Khan, canceled the shoot, King Khan asked – have you started taking drugs?

Comedy King Kapil Sharma is a big star in the entertainment world today. But there was a time when Kapil Sharma was in depression. One and a half years of his life were full of tension. That was the period when Kapil Sharma lived in headlines for negative reasons. In Aaj Tak’s special program Seedhi Baat, Comedy King shared an anecdote from the days of depression. Where he narrated an incident related to Shahrukh.

Were the stars angry with Kapil?
When Kapil was in depression, there were many reports that film stars were angry with the comedian because of the cancellation of the shooting. He was fed up with Kapil’s antics of repeatedly canceling shoots. On the displeasure of the celebs, Kapil said – To be honest, no one has ever been angry with me. Celebs never had to wait. Writers keep on writing. The format of my show is such that I cannot be late even if I want to. If I want to roll at 2 o’clock, then I have to do standup or rehearsal 4 hours before. It used to happen that I used to reach. As soon as it came to know that Shahrukh is going to come at 1 o’clock, my anxiety used to increase. I used to leave the set at quarter past 1. Thought that I would not be able to. It used to happen that I am not feeling well, but people are not understanding it. During that phase, I felt that I am not in the mood, so why are you making me work.

What did Shahrukh explain to Kapil?

Kapil says- When the shoot was canceled with Shahrukh Bhai, I used to feel guilty. The next day you remain in more depression. He came 3-4 days after the shoot was cancelled, he had come to shoot elsewhere in Film City. specially came to meet me. Maybe he understood me as an artist, he made me sit in his car for an hour, started talking with me. Asked me – have you started taking drugs? I said – no brother, I have never taken drugs. I told that this phase has started, I do not feel like working. He explained good things. But in that phase you do not understand by someone’s explanation, it took as much time as it takes to understand things. I also faced depression for the first time.

When Kapil started drinking alcohol even during the day

Speaking on the days of depression, Kapil Sharma said- People probably thought that he has started drinking a lot. Although the region was never this. Maybe there was anxiety. There was nervousness to meet people, to go on stage. To get out of that thing, I started drinking alcohol. Been drinking the night before. Then started drinking during the day also. I used to be absolutely confident when drunk. My mistake was that I used to drink to get myself cured.

“It was a phase that passed. It was a dirty phase, I didn’t think I would ever be able to get out of it. Then after some time when Ginni took me abroad. I started roaming the streets. When I came out of the house, traveled, the layers of my mind started opening. Took a good diet, then slowly the lifestyle started changing. ,


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