Thursday, June 1, 2023

WhatsApp will say goodbye to phone numbers: a new way to identify yourself will be usernames

WhatsAppone of the most popular messaging applications, is preparing a new feature that will allow users to identify themselves with a username instead of their phone number.

This news has been filtered by the portal WABetaInfoknown for providing information and previews about future WhatsApp news before its official launch.

The username function has been discovered in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android (version beta), according to the aforementioned media. This feature will allow users to choose a unique username for their accountsimilar to the system used in email addresses.

Until now, the phone number has been the main identifier in WhatsApp, and there was no way to hide it. Even when sharing your account via a QR code or link, your phone number was visible to the contacts you interact with.

Same as Telegram

With this new function, similar to the one already existing in Telegram as you remember beta gene, users will have the option to communicate with others through their username, without the need to share their phone number. In Telegram, for example, it is possible to contact other people using the ÔÇť@ÔÇŁ symbol followed by their username, without having access to their personal number.


The introduction of usernames in WhatsApp give users more privacy and control over the personal information they share on the platform. In addition, it will allow a more flexible way of identification and communication, similar to the experience provided by other messaging applications.

Although the implementation of this function has not yet been officially confirmed, the fact that it has been discovered in the beta version of WhatsApp indicates that the company is working on its development.


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