Friday, December 8, 2023

WhatsApp will say goodbye to passwords on Android

WhatsApp has taken an important step in its attempt to strengthen account security. The popular messaging client confirmed that he added passkey support from Google, the access keys that use your biometric information to log in. Henceforth, Users will be able to use their face, fingerprint or pin to unlock your WhatsApp account.

Passkey support was enabled a few weeks ago for beta users on Android and today they are available to everyone. This feature is useful for those who have features such as two-step verification pin or fingerprint lock activated. WhatsApp will use your passkey to access encrypted data or to log in in case you forget your password.

Unlike other functions for WhatsApp, the arrival of passkeys did not merit a formal announcement. The company published a small video on your X account (Twitter) to inform its users that it is now available.

At the time of writing, access keys for WhatsApp are not enabled in the most recent version client for Android ( It is unknown if the company will release an update on Google Play or enable the feature through the server, as is the case with other Meta applications.

How to configure Passkeys on WhatsApp

Configuring passkeys on WhatsApp is a simple process, although you must activate them first from your Google account. To get it, you need to go to this link, press the blue button “Get access keys” and follow the steps on the screen. Once finished, just open WhatsApp from your Android device.

To create an access key in WhatsApp you will have toand go to the menu Settings and select Account. In this section you will find an option called Passkeyswhich will help you generate a unique key for the application. WhatsApp allows you to use your screen lock as an encryption key to access your personal data, including your passkeys.

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The passkeys They will only be available on WhatsApp for Android and there are no details about when it would be enabled on iOS. Let us remember that these features are usually tested for several months in the beta versions of the messaging app. Another important fact is that WhatsApp is not the only application with support for access keys of Google.

1Password, the password management app, made a list of apps and services compatible with this security feature. Among them are PayPal, eBay, TikTok, Safari, WordPress and NVIDIA, among other. If you use any of them and have not configured your access keys, this is the best time to do so.

Passkeys are more secure than traditional passwords and SMS two-step verification services. The feature works on any device in the FIDO alliance, which includes Apple, Google, Microsoft and other manufacturers.

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