Wednesday, November 29, 2023

WhatsApp will (finally) allow you to share images without losing quality: this is how you can do it

WhatsApp is working on a new function so that you can share images and photos with third parties without losing quality. To date, the instant messaging platform compressed each of the images that we sent to third parties so that they would take up much less space both on their servers and on the mobile phones of those who received them. Something that drastically reduced the quality of the photographs and that we had to find other ways to share images through the platform, such as sending them as if they were a document. However, this will no longer be the case in a short time.

This has been reported by the specialized media WabEtaInfo, who has revealed through social networks how this new tool will work for which users of the instant messaging platform have been waiting for so long. Despite the fact that for the moment it has not appeared more than in a phase beta of the application, everything indicates that it will not take too long to become official because it seems very advanced. In this way, WhatsApp follows in the footsteps of others such as Telegram which, despite the fact that it also compresses its images, offers an option to send them in their original size.

How to share images through WhatsApp without losing quality

Today we can choose the upload quality of the files that we send to third parties from the WhatsApp settings. Thanks to this, we can ask the platform to share our images with the highest possible quality or in such a way that both users could save as much data as possible. However, both in one option and in the other, the photograph undergoes a compression process that modifies both its size and its quality. To send a photo with its original resolution we will have to follow practically the same steps as when we share any other image.

We open a conversation, click on the clip icon in case we are on Android or on the symbol + in the case of iOS, and we choose the option that allows us to enter the gallery. When we have selected the photograph in question, WhatsApp will allow us to edit it through different functions that have gradually reached the platform. In the images shared by WabEtaInfo in his web page we can see a new icon next to those that allow us to modify a photograph before sending it. From the one that allows us to crop an image to others to add an emoji, any text or even a drawing.

Be careful with your data rate

We are talking about a gear, a common symbol to represent system settings. In case we click on it, the platform will let us select the image quality that we want to give to the photo that we are going to share. As of this new update, WhatsApp will offer us the possibility of sending the image in its original resolution. Although this will be much heavier, it will allow us to send it to its recipient in its original format without having to go through any type of compression.

In this way, you will no longer have to send the photos as documents or resort to third-party applications to send the photos in all their splendor. This will cause the images you send and receive to be much heavier than usual. For the same reason, and if you have a limited data rate, try to download these files only when you are connected to a guaranteed Wi-Fi network to avoid running out of data prematurely.


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