Monday, December 11, 2023

WhatsApp will “connect” to Telegram after an imminent update

WhatsApp is already starting to work on the implementation of a function that, at the beginning of 2024, will be mandatory in Europe by the new Digital Markets Law. The messaging app, specifically, is developing a section for chat interoperabilitywhere users will be able to view and respond to messages received through a third-party application.

This function comes after the European Commission considers that WhatsApp is a “guardian” company for the new law that aims to end unfair competition and the abuse of power of large technology companies against other smaller services or platforms. With chat interoperability, users of other applications will be able to write to WhatsApp users without the need for them to have an account on the Meta platform. For example, a Telegram user will be able to write to someone on WhatsApp, and the chats will apparently appear in the aforementioned section.

As the portal has revealed wabetainfo, the function appears in the latest beta version of WhatsApp, although it is not yet officially available, as the company continues working on it. Meta, owner of the app, It must be ready before March 2024. And the European Commission has set a deadline of 6 months for those companies considered as “guardians” to make the necessary changes so that they comply with the new Digital Markets Law.

WhatsApp, one of the few messaging applications considered “Guardians”

It is not clear, however, whether chat interoperability will affect WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. Nor, if some of the functions of the messaging app can be used in those conversations where the sender or recipient participates from a third-party application.

Interestingly, in the messaging applications section of the European Commission, only two Meta services appear as “guardians”. They are, specifically, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This last platform must also activate message interoperability before next March.

For now, Apple’s messaging platform has not been considered a “gatekeeper”. The Cupertino company claims that in Europe its service does not have as much power. Something similar happens with Microsoft and Bing, who claim that their search engine barely has market share in the European Union. In both cases, the European Commission is investigating whether or not they meet the conditions, and will make a more conclusive decision in the coming weeks.

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