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WhatsApp was born on the mobile, but its future involves breaking away from it

To log in to WhatsApp, it is necessary to enter a six-digit code that users receive via SMS to the mobile phone used to register. It is a way to guarantee the privacy of the account. On some occasions, however, This method may not be useful. Above all, when the terminal does not have coverage, which prevents receiving the message. The messaging app, luckily, has found a solution that also means that it is separated from the mobile phone every time.

From now on, as detailed wabetainfoWhatApp for iOS allows you to receive the six-digit authentication code via email, and not only by SMS. This, in particular, offers the user the possibility to log in to WhatsApp if, for example, their device only has an internet connection. And not only that, it is also an ideal option to, for example, log in to the account from another device that is not associated with our phone number.

To do this, however, it will first be necessary to associate an email address with the account. Users can do so from Settings > Account > Email address. Once established, the next time a person logs into WhatsApp, they will be able to select whether to receive the code via SMS or instead in their inbox.

The function, yes, It is being implemented in a phased manner to WhatsApp users for iOS, so it could take a few days to reach your account. At the moment, it is also not available for the Android version.

These other news will also arrive soon on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, in parallel, is adding the possibility of chatting with a chatbot powered by AI through the app itself. The function is present through a button that appears right at the top of the icon to start a new chat. WhatsApp’s AI-powered chatbotwhich serves as an alternative to ChatGPT, however, it is only available to a small number of users who have the beta of the app.

The Meta-owned messaging app is also working on a feature to include usernames as another privacy measure. This way, if a person wants to chat with another person through WhatsApp and does not want to give them their phone number, they will only have to share the username they have selected.

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