Friday, December 8, 2023

WhatsApp: These are the four updates that the messaging service made and surely you had not noticed

The old competitions or threats that some applications represented for WhatsApp they were left behind The messaging service prevails among the apps of its style, with an exorbitant number of users that continues to grow as the days go by.

That agreement in which information was shared with Facebook it hurt them, but since WhatsApp they were able to recover through massive updates to its interface, leaving as a result an app that is still familiar, but that has many changes (for the better) that are noticeable by its millions of users.

Before the updates were quarterly or bimonthly. But now they have to be monthly or even weekly. Therefore, based on a report from WA Beta Info We are going to review four updates that were registered in the last few days, and that surely had gone unnoticed.

  • Avant-garde designs: Both in the Android version and in the iOS version there are changes in what is seen when entering the app. according to review andro4allin Android they added elements based on Material Design 3. While in Apple’s cell phone they made adjustments to the screen.
  • Companion Mode (Only for iPhone): It is known by this name to the function in which an account can be used in different devices. This was already on Android and now it can be done on the iOS operating system.
  • Profile photos in WhatsApp groups: It was one of the great requests of the users that came true. Within the group chats, in the bubbles, the profile photos of the person who writes or sends a voice note appear
  • Redesigned emoji selection menu– Selection bars have been revamped for emojis, GIFS, and Stickers. Access is much friendlier for people who are not precise when choosing any of these forms of communication.


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