Thursday, June 8, 2023

WhatsApp: The new function dedicated to avoiding discussions between users

WhatsAppthe most popular instant messaging application in the world, does not stop adding new functions and making the experience of its millions of users better and better, and one of these functions has been attracting the attention of Internet users and Internet experts. technology, as it would be dedicated to avoiding discussions between people in a chat.

The application owned by Meta has become a daily occurrence for millions of people in practically all corners of the world, so it is common for all kinds of conversations to be held through it, which can eventually result in discussions. and whether in individual or group chats, these situations are awkward and difficult to manage.

The new WhatsApp function is already known, the purpose of which is to prevent discussions between app users from being generated

For a few years now, WhatsApp has become an almost universal center for forwarding links and files, which on more than one occasion has generated misunderstandings that surely soon escalated to discussions, and this new function will take care of it easily.

The forwarding option has been on the platform for many years, but it has lagged a bit behind other platforms, so now the ability to put a description on whatever is being forwarded will be added, so that the another person is clear what he receives.

This has been made known thanks to the experts at WABetaInfo, who have dedicated themselves to digging into the latest version of WhatsApp Beta,, where you can now add a title to any image, video, GIF or file that is uploaded. forward from another chat.

How does the description of forwarded files work?

WABetaInfo has also revealed how this new method works, because when you forward something, it will open the chat to which you want to forward it with the possibility of adding a text to your preference or removing the one that was already there by default when you received the file.

Something important to highlight is that, once you have removed the title and description that the file had by default and add what you want to put, the two things will be sent separately, first the file without any title or description and immediately after the text that you wrote.


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