Tuesday, September 26, 2023

WhatsApp: the function to ignore notifications from a specific chat is already active

New features keep coming WhatsAppthe developers of the application owned by Meta seem to be doing everything possible to expand the operation and comforts of the platform so as not to be left behind with respect to the competition and this function is the best example of how WhatsApp has been improving for a long time.

Many times we come across groups or chats that can be somewhat annoying, so it becomes tedious to deal with the constant notifications that come from these spaces, this can become even more complicated when it comes to groups that we cannot leave or contacts that we cannot block for one reason or another and for this there is this function.

So you can “ignore” notifications from a specific group or chat on WhatsApp

The waterfall of WhatsApp news has surprised many, but the truth is that constant improvements have been made for a long time and although many know and use this “ignore” function on a daily basis, others have no idea about it. its existence despite being available for years.

It is a fairly easy option for anyone to use, because first you must search for the chat you want to ignore, then just keep it pressed until the options appear and you just have to go to “mute notifications” and choose a period of time .

Another way to do it is by entering the chat and going to the three points in the upper right corner or simply entering the name of the chat or group and selecting the same option “Silence notifications”, having available 8 hours, a week and forever.

WhatsApp seeks to improve the privacy of its users

This function, implemented years ago, comes hand in hand with the new functions and privacy, as it will allow you to better manage the things you see and how you use WhatsApp. If you want to unmute notifications, you just have to go to the chat options and search for “unmute notifications”.

On the other hand, a similar function is being worked on for the new “communities” as the application proposes to automatically silence notifications from groups where there are many participants, thus saving you a shower of notifications in your day to day and giving you more peace of mind.


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