Monday, December 4, 2023

WhatsApp tests a function to create ‘stickers’ with AI from a description on Android ‘smartphones’

WhatsApp is testing a function for Android ‘smartphones’ with which users will be able to generate new ‘stickers‘ personalized thanks to the artificial intelligencel (IA), which will only require a description of the desired image.

The instant messaging platform continues to come up with new features with the aim of improving the user experience. Thus, the social network is testing the implementation of AI for the first time, through the technology offered by Goal.

Specifically, WhatsApp for Android is testing an AI sticker generator, which will create these images based on the instructions given in a brief description of the user. In this way, the ‘app’ will automatically produce those ‘stickers’ that users have in mind.

As WaBetaInfo has learned thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, the platform has included a ‘create’ button within the ‘stickers’ tab on the keyboard.

By clicking on this icon, WhatsApp asks the user to enter a description with the desired characteristics to create the new ‘sticker’. After that, the platform automatically generates through AI a selection of ‘stickers’, which are based on the details provided in the previous description. Thus, the user can choose the ‘sticker’ that best suits their taste and share it with other users in the conversation.

Likewise, as detailed by the same medium, in the event that users consider that a ‘sticker’ is inappropriate, they can report it to Meta. In addition, the ‘stickers’ generated from AI will have a signage that informs that they have been created from Meta technology.

This is a function that, for the moment, only a limited group of beta tester users have access to, who have the latest WhatsApp beta update to Android.


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