Thursday, March 30, 2023

WhatsApp: so you can send audio with the voice of Puss in Boots

Has anyone recently sent you an audio of WhatsApp with the voice of Puss in Boots? If not, then be the first in your group of friends or family to do so, because today we will explain very quickly and easily how you can surprise and joke with your loved ones by sending them audios with the voice of this popular animated character.

If there is a WhatsApp function that has come to the application to stay, it is that of voice notes, which was even one of the main attractions of the platform at its launch, since it was one of the few that offered to do this, something that now it has become part of everyday life, either to communicate or joke.

With this simple step by step you can send WhatsApp audios with the voice of Puss in Boots and surprise everyone

It is a fairly simple method, which has become quite popular in recent months, with millions of people around the world sending these audios to make their friends, family and partner smile. So, you just have to pay attention and follow these steps.

– The first thing you should do is go to the website

– After entering, you will notice that, by default, the page gives a large number of languages ​​to select and of course, you will choose Spanish

– Next, you have to enter the catalog of people, where there are all kinds of famous people, and select Puss in Boots

– When selecting the character, you can go to the text box and write the message that you want to be read with the voice of Puss in Boots

– Finally, you must wait for it to process and play it, which will allow you to record it to send it by WhatsApp

What is fakeyou and what is it for?

This curious portal is a huge library of voices of characters from all over the world, from fictional characters to real people, whose voices are imitated by artificial intelligence, which learns by listening to hours of recordings.

The page has become very famous lately, as well as other sites that do more or less the same thing, because it gives users an easy and simple method to imitate the voices of their favorite characters or people and use them for all kinds of purposes. .


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