Friday, September 29, 2023

WhatsApp secret menu: how to unlock it and what its functions are

The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has several functions that allow you to communicate much faster and more efficiently. In this opportunity, we will teach you how to unlock its secret menu.

This WhatsApp secret menu will allow you to open the application directly in a chat. No need to open the app and then hit the icon to start a new conversation.

To access this menu, you just have to hold down the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds, then a series of options should be displayed, there you can select the option you want to perform in the application immediately.

For example, starting a new conversation, opening the WhatsApp camera to upload a status or the search option. For Android devices, it allows you to add a widget and access app information.

The new update of WhatsApp for iPhone comes with new features

Specifically, version 22.2.75 of the messaging application, WhatsApp, for iOS devices, came loaded with new features that are expected to reach Android devices in the coming weeks.

These new features are as follows:

  • Pause and resume recording of voice messages. To do so, you have to slide the record button up, in this way hands-free recording is activated and the recording buttons will appear. pause Y Resume.
  • The notifications will show the images of the groups and the photos of the profile. Every time you receive a message through the application, the image of the contact who wrote to you, or the image of the chat group, will appear on the left.

If you still do not have these options available, you can open the AppStore and go to the update section there, or simply search for the application and update it.

Other functions that are expected to arrive in 2022 are: being able to transfer chats from any Android device to an iPhone; being able to listen to voice memos no matter if you left one chat to open another; or react to messages with an emoticon.

Now you can put the password to access WhatsApp

This is a very good functionality to protect your privacy from those prying people who like to check everything. To do this you must follow a series of steps, which are the same, regardless of whether you have Android or iPhone.

Update the app. WhatsApp must have the latest version available for your device. If it isn’t, you can go to the app store, search for the app, and hit update.

Open the app. then you go to Settings or Setting, you select the option Bill. Another menu should appear with several categories, click on the one that says Privacy.


After entering the ‘Privacy’ section, look for the option Fingerprint lock. You select that option and activate the lock.

Now you must choose how often the chats should ask you for a password. These can be: Immediately, 1 minute, 10 minutes, etc. Select the one that suits you best and restart WhatsApp.

From now on, to access the application, you will be asked for a password, your fingerprint, or to carry out the facial recognition procedure, depending on the options available on your device.


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