Thursday, June 8, 2023

WhatsApp releases chat lock function to protect conversations with your fingerprint

WhatsApp It has finally become a much more secure and discreet platform that protects the privacy of our conversations, adding a new function, called “chat blocking”.

As its own name describes it, it is a new security alternative with which users can condition or restrict access to certain chats with one of their contacts by means of a password or their own fingerprint.

This, strictly speaking, is not an absolute novelty, since approximately the interface of a beta version of the Instant Messaging platform had been leaked, where it was anticipated that this function could soon be released.

It does, however, represent a major leap that will set WhatsApp apart from even other competing apps, where the implementation of these meticulous security features has yet to be released.

Whether we like it or not, it is necessary to admit that occasionally there is this uncomfortable and common scenario, where sometimes someone unwanted (for one reason or another) has physical access to our smartphone and enters the messaging app to read our conversations.

There are alternatives in the mobile operating systems themselves to be able to protect ourselves from this situation, but this direct change in the app is much more effective.

This is how WhatsApp chat lock works

Through his official blog the application has announced the release of this function in the most recent update of the platform, where it will be possible to implement this extra layer of protection with a simple adjustment in the configuration.

This is how the WhatsApp team itself describes in its official description the full range of benefits offered by this new function:

“If you lock a chat, the conversation moves from your inbox to a folder of your own that can only be accessed with your device’s password or biometrics (such as fingerprint). It also automatically hides the content of that chat in notifications.

We think this feature is great for those who occasionally need to share their phone with a family member or times when someone holds your phone at the exact moment a special chat comes your way.”

To block a chat, you simply have to touch the name of the person or group, and select the “Block” option. To see these chats, you would have to drag down the inbox slowly as seen in the video, and enter your password or screen unlock biometric data.


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