Sunday, December 3, 2023

WhatsApp now allows you to use the same account on multiple smartphones

WhatsApp finally bringing a long-requested feature to millions of users around the world. In a post on the official blog, the company confirmed that it is rolling out a function that allows the use of the same account on several smartphones.

As it explains Slash Gear, this new capability is an extension of a similar feature that WhatsApp introduced in 2021. Back then, the company had released a feature that allowed users to link up to four non-phone devices without needing to link to a primary smartphone. However, a major limitation of this feature was that all four devices could not be a cell phone.

Now, WhatsApp has confirmed that users will soon be able to log in to multiple smartphones with the same number.. Currently, the app logs out of a mobile if a login with the same number is detected on a different smartphone.

While WhatsApp’s auto-logout feature was generally considered a privacy enabler, it also caused a lot of problems when people needed to switch devices.


Not yet available to everyone

WhatsApp has yet to detail the steps required to enable multi-smartphone login, but it will likely be similar to the existing login process using QR codes.

However, Meta has already indicated that it is working on introducing a revamped method: receiving a one-time security code for secure login.

The blog post also makes it clear that the multi-phone login feature is still rolling out for users around the world. What is not entirely clear is when the entire set of WhatsApp users will receive the update.


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