Monday, December 4, 2023

WhatsApp now allows you to prevent someone else’s temporary messages from being deleted

A future update of WhatsApp would arrive to change the operation of temporary messages. With the new feature called Keep in Chat, the recipient You can save specific messages of the conversation if you consider it necessarypreventing it from disappearing after the set time.

Do not panic. Although the recipient can save the messages you send in temporary mode, cannot do so without your consent. First you will have to activate the function from the top of the screen, in the corresponding icon. After this action, the other person will be able to save the items, which will be marked with a small bookmark icon.

For greater transparency, WhatsApp will notify you when the other participant in the conversation chooses to keep a message. In addition, you will always have the possibility to revert the changepreventing new elements from being stored.

On its website, WhatsApp explains that “sometimes you want to keep an occasional voice note or some important information”, which that with temporary messages it is impossible. For this reason, they have decided to launch a new function that allows them to overcome this obstacle.

The feature has been in testing for over a year. However, earlier this year an initial version of the feature began rolling out to WhatsApp beta participants. now the site official Web of the company confirms that is being deployed to all users of the service globally. Thus, it is likely that you will be able to use it within a couple of weeks.

WhatsApp offers flexibility in its privacy features

If you haven’t used it till now, WhatsApp’s temporary messages function arrived several versions ago. With it, you can set a time limit for the validity of your conversations, which will disappear later according to your settings. In addition, the chats are protected from screenshots and other methods that may violate the privacy of the participants.

Beyond this new feature that expands WhatsApp privacy settings, recently a big change has been implemented in the service. The WABetaInfo website has reported that you will soon be able to link multiple devices to the same account, something we’ve been waiting for for a while now.

Meanwhile, The platform continues to work on improving its transparency towards organizations and governments. Among them, the European Union, which has repeatedly called the attention of the service due to its practices. After all, Meta has been in the spotlight for several years now, and this has extended to the rest of the companies under its umbrella.

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