Saturday, December 9, 2023

WhatsApp launches Channels, an alternative to Twitter within the app itself

The new feature of WhatsApp means that the app is no longer an exclusively instant messaging service, but makes it much more complete. The platform owned by Meta has presented those baptized as channelsa new way to discover news and find out the latest published by brands, organizations, soccer teams, news portals, and more.

The function, in particular, is a mix of a social media feed and a newsletter. The users can add accounts to the Channels tab to see the content they post; content that, most likely, they also share on their official Twitter or Facebook profiles. The difference, however, is that WhatsApp Channels can be a more intuitive way to view those posts.

In this way, a user can follow the official account of Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​and while chatting with their friends or family, go to the Channels tab and see the classification of the matches, etc. All this, without leaving the app. In the same way as on Twitter and Facebook, there can be beads of practically anything. For example, one with weather updates, another with the status of public transport, etc.

Another interesting detail is that the channels They only serve to see or read the informationusers cannot interact with the content and comment or ‘Like’ a post.

WhatsApp channels have features to ensure privacy

WhatsApp channels they will appear in a new tab called ‘Updates’ within the app, right next to the communities. This will also group the states, until now visible in an exclusive section. The messaging platform has also added a series of additional functions to guarantee security and privacy within the app.

WhatsApp claims that the channel’s post history they will be deleted after 30 days. Channel admins, on the other hand, will have the ability to block the ability to take screenshots or the forwarding of content. The function, yes, does not have end-to-end encryption, although the company affirms that they are working to make this available in the future.

For the moment, yes, the number of accounts available in the section of whatsapp channels is limited. The app, in fact, claims that it is rolling out the feature with a handful of “leading global organizations and select organizations in Colombia and Singapore.” These are countries where the feature has become available. WhatsApp claims that the channels will reach more markets soon.

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