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WhatsApp is renewed: a first look at what will be its new design in years

WhatsApp is not just packing great features into its platform. If we go by the reports of WABetaInfo, the instant messaging service could very soon bring a rather important face lift. For the first time in a long time, would change its interface to a cleaner and more modern one, both on iPhone and Android.

In two separate reports, the aforementioned medium comments on the changes that are about to come to both versions of WhatsApp. An aesthetic novelty that, in addition to improving the experience for users, also cements the colors of Meta’s IM branding. A reinforcement to his commercial image that he needed for a long time.

Besides, it would be a new aesthetic line unified throughout the different operating systemsalthough not identical. As of today, the versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS have radically different designs, something logical given that each one has its own design language.

The aesthetic novelties that come to WhatsApp

From a screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, we see the news that comes to WhatsApp for iOS. In the first paragraph, new buttons are seen at the bottom of the appas well as a function to establish filters to the list of conversations.

Nevertheless, the most important change comes to the colors. Until now, blue was predominant in the version of WhatsApp for iOS. Now, in the new version, it seems that green will take its place, the classic tone of the service and whose absence did not make much sense, considering that we do find it in the versions of the app for other platforms.

Finally, the upper buttons of WhatsApp also undergo changes. He Edit in the upper left corner has been replaced by three dots. In turn, the pencil button that urged us to start a new conversation has also been changed to a cross (+).

The changes in Android

In the Android version we will find similar changes. The top bar of the app will become white, containing the name of the service in its classic green. In this area there would be a camera button, search, the user’s profile photo and the three-button icon that opens the settings section.

WhatsApp new Android design

We also see the buttons to filter conversations. Thus, you will be able to distinguish according to unread, personal or business messages.

Although very similar to that of iOS, the version of WhatsApp for Android will maintain Google’s Material You design language. In this way, WhatsApp establishes lines for all its apps, but they can also be adapted to the interface of each operating system without any problem.

When will these changes come to WhatsApp?

Although we are eager to try these WhatsApp news, the truth is that we will have to wait a bit. This is nothing more than a beta that they have been able to access since WABetaInfo, so the official deployment could still be several months away.

However, it is not the only novelty of WhatsApp with which you can entertain yourself. Meta has placed great emphasis this year on its most famous messaging service, integrating more and more functions that complement each other and make it a harder competitor to beat. Among the latter we have the ability to send high-resolution photos, a feature that also reaches videos.

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