Saturday, September 30, 2023

WhatsApp for macOS finally releases its open beta for anyone to try

WhatsApp it has finally released the open beta of its 100% native desktop app for Apple computers with macOS, which represents a significant leap for users of this desktop platform.

For years it has been possible to use the instant messaging system through the web version or adaptations that were not really a native application, with all the functions and security that this requires.

But those days are finally behind us and the folks over at Meta have finally released the open beta of the first native WhatsApp desktop app for the macOS operating system.

This would finally put Apple computers on a par with windowswho enjoys a dedicated application or program for a long time.

Most of the users might be focused or interested in robust updates or that involve the integration of new functions as well as .

But this is actually great news for those who use the system as a means of work and productivity who need all possible features at their fingertips on all their devices.

How to download and test the open beta of WhatsApp for macOS from Apple

As reported by colleagues from GSM Arenathis new app would be a native version created under the Mac Catalyst development framework, which allows you to easily port applications from the iPhone’s mobile operating system, iOS, to macOS.

In this case, then the application is not based on WhatsApp web, but on the app for Apple mobile phones. That is why the interface emulates in many aspects the appearance of its original portable version.

At the same time, since it is an open beta version, it has many areas of opportunity to refine, both in its appearance and in its stability.

Here we will share how you can download the executable file to install WhatsApp on your Mac desktop or your laptop with macOS.

But it is essential to consider that the people of Meta have not established a specific period of time for the closure of this beta testing period.

This means that it may be months or even years before development is complete and its stability can be fully trusted.

For this reason, we recommend being aware of the messages that arrive in the iOS app, since there may be chats that simply do not appear here.

Now, to test the WhatsApp beta, all you have to do is go to the official site of this versiondownload and run the .dmg file.

Once installed, the account is configured as in Windows or when the iPhone is activated for the first time in the web version and that’s it.


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