Saturday, January 28, 2023

WhatsApp follows in the footsteps of Telegram and will allow you to send images with the highest quality

Even though WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in many countries, it has serious shortcomings when compared to others, such as Telegram. One of them is the low quality of the images sent, although that is about to change.

According to WA Beta Info, In a future update the option to send photos with the maximum quality will be added. The tool appears in the latest beta version for Android,

But when will the option be available to all users? Possibly for the course of 2023.

“This feature is in development, so it is not ready to be released to beta testers,” WA Beta Info states in its article. In fact, the first time heard about it was in July 2021, in another article on the page.

The specialized portal explains that the option will appear in WhatsApp Settings.

At present, there are three availabilities: sending photos in Automatic, Best Quality and Data Saver. However, in none of the image quality is the maximum.

This is how the option to send images in maximum resolution for WhatsApp will appear

The leak indicates that there will be a new settings icon inside the drawing tool header. It is what will allow users to configure the quality of any photo.

Thanks to this feature, finally it will be possible to select an option to send photos in their original quality, in the future,” says Wa Beta Info.


We believe that this function give users more control over the quality of the photos they send, especially in situations where it is necessary to send the photo in its original quality”.

At the moment, as the page points out, the possibility is in development, without being in the beta testers. It will be a necessary advance, which will match WhatsApp with Telegram in this instance.

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