Sunday, December 10, 2023

What will the distribution of tickets for the Final Four of the BCL in Malaga be like?

Once FIBA ​​has already announced that Málaga and the José María Sports Palace Martín Carpena will host the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League 2023the following questions are very clear: What will happen to the tickets for the event from May 12 to 14? Will the 7,000 Unicaja subscribers be able to enter?

To know the answers, for now, we will have to wait until next tuesday, the same day that the roadmap to be followed by the compositor team will be known in the semifinal and, hopefully, the final in which they will fight for their third continental title -after the Korac Cup and the Eurocup-. The same day, FIBA will announce all the details that concern the general public and the green and purple fans: when the tickets will come out, how many will correspond to each club and what price will each of them have.

What can be guessed more or less is how it will be the distribution of tickets for the Final Four. First of all, FIBA ​​will have assigned a specific number for the commitments that usually occur in this type of event. In addition, each team will have an assigned quota -which they will exhaust or not- and there the great beneficiary will be Unicaja, being the local team, which will be favored by having a higher percentage of seats and by the fact that the general tickets will be practically all of them were bought by Malaga fans.

In case it can serve as an orientation, Season tickets for the 2022 Final Four in Bilbao ranged from 30 to 95 euros for the four games that are held -the two semifinals on May 12, the third and fourth place, and the final on the 14th. However, they were also for sale ‘Early Birds’that is, the first 1,000 seats that went on sale from 26 euros in the first 48 hours.

So there are fewer details to know about the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League 2023 that will take place in Malaga with Unicaja as one of the great favorites and also with the pressure of being the local. The countdown has already started in a hurry. Starting Tuesday, the qualifying rounds and ticket sales will be announced to experience a weekend that could be historic for the city.


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