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What will happen if it rains in the semis and finals of the World Cup? ICC said

After a two-day break, the one-day cricket World Cup will resume from Wednesday (November 15). On this day at 2.30 pm at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, the host India will face the finalist New Zealand in the first semi-final.

The next day at 2.30 pm, the second semi-final will be played against the five-time world champion Australia at the historic Eden Garden in Kolkata. After that, the final match between the two winning teams will be held in Ahmedabad on November 19.

Who will win, who will lose – this decision will be on the field. But more than any other sport, the biggest concern in cricket is rain. What if rain spoils the two semi-final matches and the day of the final? The whole cricket world is interested to know.

In this case, the International Cricket Council or ICC has confirmed to the cricket world that there will be reserve days for two matches of the semi-finals and three matches of the final. If the game cannot be completed on the scheduled day due to weather, a reserve day may be used.

when Reserve dayR rules use to do is?

Before activating the reserve day, the umpires will try to complete the match in one day by playing a minimum of 20 overs for both sides. The umpires try to complete the match on the scheduled day. But if that is not possible, then play on a reserve day.

A reserve day was required in the 2019 World Cup semi-final match between India and New Zealand at Old Trafford, England. India lost that match.

how Reserve day use to do is?

Depending on when play is stopped in rain, two situations arise. Example 1 – In a 50 over match, if play is stopped due to rain before the 19th over, it will be played on reserve day. Rain again reduced the over to 46 and just as play was about to start, if the rain returned and stopped play again, the match was moved to Reserve Day. On the new day, the game started again with a target of 50 overs.

For example, if the game is stopped due to rain before the 19th over, if four overs are cut, then the match will be 46 overs for both teams. If the rain returns after the start of the game, then the match will be of 46 overs on the reserve day.

This is a chance to become the undefeated champion in front of India in the World Cup. They won all 9 games in the first round. They will become undefeated champions if they win the semis and finals. On the other hand, Australia has a chance to win the sixth title.

In addition, New Zealand, the finalist of the last season, can also show a surprise by winning the World Cup for the first time. They are in good rhythm. The same opportunity is in front of South Africa known as ‘Choker’. They also never won the World Cup. But in the end, it remains to be seen who will get the coveted trophy.

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