The filtration of GTA 6 will be, without a doubt, the news with the greatest impact in the video game industry during 2022. After videos and images of an early version of the game began to flood various corners of the internet, Rockstar Games confirmed that it had been the victim of illegal access to your network and thus the theft of confidential files. The whole scandal was caused by one person. A hacker who, apparently, is being stalked.

This same Monday, shortly before Rockstar Games issued its first statement, a popular hacker forum exposed to the person in charge of the filtration. As mentioned, it is Arion, who is supposedly the leader of LAPSUS$. Do you remember this group of cyber criminals? They recently attacked companies like NVIDIA, Samsung, Microsoft, Okta and Mercado Libre. British authorities had identified him as a teenager just 16 years old residing in the UK.


According to information from the BBC, as many as seven LAPSUS$ members between the ages of 16 and 21 were arrested in late March. However, because some of them did not reach the age of majority, they did not receive a severe punishment. Among them, of course, would be Arion.

The aforementioned forum ensures that the hacker was released on April 2, 2022 and was prohibited from any contact with the internet for a month. However, it didn’t take long for him to get back to his old ways. They ensure that his first great victim after being released was Uber. This attack, in fact, occurred just the previous week.

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Interestingly, the hacker, who called himself “Teapotuberhacker” on the GTA Forums, also made mention of his attack on Uber. By revealing this information, he wanted the members of that community to take importance of him. The truth is that most did not trust it until a user was encouraged to download and open the shared file. This contained more than 90 videos of a version still in development of GTA 6. The chaos that ensued afterwards you already know.


As the hours passed, it became more evident that the hacker intended to benefit financially. He claimed to have the source code of GTA 5 Y GTA 6, and said he was open to five-digit offers for the first. Later he announced your intent to contact Rockstar Games to reach an agreement, which would avoid leaking the code of GTA 6 and other multimedia material that he allegedly had in his possession.

Now, as we intuit from the Rockstar Games statement, the only thing leaked was the videos with gameplay. That is, the criminal would not have the source code of GTA 6 —nor that of the predecessor title—.

At the time of writing this post, Teapotuberhacker is completely gone from the internet. He did not connect to GTA Forums again and his Telegram account, where he was also active on various channels, has been deleted.


If the information provided by the hacker forum is real, then the UK authorities already know who they are dealing with. You can be sure that the filtration of GTA 6 still has more chapters to tell…