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What is the Digital Footprint and how can you see your browser’s

Did you know that everything you do on the internet leaves a mark? Yes, as if you were walking through the snow or on the sand. Each search, each movement, is recorded in the memory of the web. This trace is known as a Digital Footprint. and many people are beginning to know about its existence thanks to TikTok videos that have become widely popular, or articles like this one.

But, what is the Digital Footprint and how can you know yours? Well, starting with the first, it can be defined as the image of your person on the internet. A detailed copy created from your browsing habits. Among these, the pages you enter, what you do within them, the services you usually consult or the content you like to see. Data such as your IP address, your login credentials, and any information available to or associated with your accounts is also added.

All this is packed in the famous cookies that all websites ask you for authorization in the form of an annoying warning when entering for the first time. Subsequently, the web can access these packages and review everything it has collected about you.

In itself, the Fingerprint is not something evil. This is a user profile created by the websites and by your browser to tailor your internet experience to your needs. Nevertheless, the problem is always in the human factor, not in the tools. For this reason, many companies have taken the task of using this data in a malicious way, selling each person’s information without their consent.

How can you see the Fingerprint of your browser

There are several ways to know your Digital Footprint on the web, or at least from your browser. Due to the time that many of us have been surfing the internet for a long time, it is difficult to decipher how many companies know about and have used our information for their own benefit. However, there are several ways, although they usually require a disbursement of money to access, and the result will vary depending on how many email addresses you have and how you have used them to navigate.

Nevertheless, the process to find out the Fingerprint of your browser is much simpler and fasteralthough not as complete. Of course, if you tend to use more than one, you’ll have to use the service on all of them, as well as on your mobile, which probably collects even more data than your computer.

To know your browser’s, follow these simple steps

The first is to enter the web AmIUnique. This service is responsible for investigating the Digital Footprint of browsers. In addition, it is aimed at helping developers with tasks such as improving the defenses of their products against data collection. AmIUnique makes it clear to you that it will plant a cookie in your browser that will be valid for 4 months.

Browser Fingerprint

In the second step you just need to touch the button View my browser fingerprint. Clicking on it will open a new screen. In this you can see information that the web has collected about yousuch as the browser you use and its version, your operating system, your time zone and your language. All this, of course, as an example of what other sites also collect when you visit them.

Going down, you can see a lot more information about your browser and your habits.

If you do not want websites to store so much information about you, there are a few things you can do to avoid tracking. Using browsers and search engines like the ones offered by the DuckDuckGo service are also a good idea, and it also works on Android and iOS, and allows you to remove trackers from your email messages.

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