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‘What is our crime?’ Sheejan’s sister was admitted to the hospital, mother expressed her pain in an emotional post

Tunisha Sharma suicide case is going to be almost a month. The co-actor and friend of the actress Sheejan Khan is in judicial custody in the case. Sheejan’s lawyer has appealed to the court for his bail. But till now he has not been released on bail. At the same time, news has come that Sheejan’s sister Falak Naaz’s health has deteriorated. His condition became so bad that he was immediately admitted to the hospital. The mother of the actress has expressed the pain of the family in an Instagram post.

Falak Naz’s health deteriorated
Sheejan Khan’s mother has written an emotional note on social media. Through an Instagram post, Kahkshan Faisi has narrated the tragedy of his family. Apart from this, he has also shared the photo of Falak Naaz lying on the bed from the hospital.

Sheejan’s mother writes, referring to the deteriorating health of her younger daughter Falak Naaz, ‘I simply cannot understand what our family is being punished for and why?? Sheejan my son has been serving sentence in jail for the last one month without any proof like prisoners. My baby girl is admitted in Falak Hospital. Sheejan’s younger brother who is an autistic child is sick. Is it a crime for a mother to love someone else’s child as a mother?? This is illegal.

She further writes, ‘Was Falak’s love for Tunisha like a younger sister a crime or illegal?? Or it was a crime for Sheejan and Tunisha to give space to their relationship or breakup. Or was that also illegal?? Didn’t we have the right to love that girl??? What is our crime?’

Tunisha Sharma committed suicide by hanging herself on the sets of the show on 25 December. Apart from television, Tunisha had also appeared in many Bollywood films. Sheejan has been told responsible for the death of Tunisha’s mother actress. On the other hand, Sheejan’s family is blaming Tunisha’s mother. Now the decision of the court is awaited on who is right and who is wrong in this case.


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