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What is Impact Player: How will the Impact Player formula work? Who can change the whole game in IPL

Team India and cricket fans are busy preparing for the T20 World Cup these days. Meanwhile, preparations are also being made to bring a new rule to make cricket something more exciting. India where cricket is being played throughout the year and there is also a tournament like Indian Premier League, now that rule is being brought here. This is the Impact player, that is, the player who will turn the game of the entire match upside down.

BCCI is currently running in the trial mode of this rule and if everything goes right, then fans can get to see this rule in IPL 2023. But what is this rule and how will it work, let’s try to understand it…

What is going to happen?

The rule of Substitute Player (Impact Player) can be brought to the fore in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, starting from October 11. All the state associations have been informed about this by the BCCI. If it works right here, then it can be implemented in IPL 2023.

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What is this rule and how will it work?
• At the time of the toss, when the captains inform each other about playing-11, then they will have to give information about 4 extra players. That is, about 15 players will have to be told.
• Any one of these four players can replace any one player during the match. This player will be called Impact Player.
• Impact player can be brought in the field till the 14th over of the innings. That is, a player will be replaced.
• If a player has been sent out and an impact player has been brought in his place. Then the first player will not be able to take part in the whole match, that is, the match ends there for him.
• An impact player can be brought in between an over, at the break of a wicket or when a player is injured.
• If the match started late or for some reason only 10 overs match could be done, then the rule of impact player will not apply there.
• If a team uses the Impact Player first but the overs of the match are reduced in the middle, then the other team will also get a chance to bring the Impact Player.

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