Monday, September 25, 2023

What does Verstappen need to be champion at the Japanese GP?

The Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix runs this weekend and Max Verstappen will have another chance to clinch the drivers’ world championship, after failing to do so in Singapore.

mad max arrives with 104 points of advantage over charles leclerc and 106 on Sergio Czech Perezso roughly he should finish with eight points more than the driver of ferrari and six more than his partner Red Bull. That is, he must end up 112 points ahead of his closest rival.

Win with extra point: It assures him the title regardless of Leclerc being second.

Win without extra point: Charles must finish third or lower.

Second with extra point: The Ferrari must not exceed fifth place and Sergio fourth place.

Second without extra point: The Monegasque must not exceed fifth place and not win the bonus and Czech is fourth or less.

Third with extra point: Leclerc cannot overcome the sixth position and the Mexican the fifth place

Third without extra point: He needs Charles to be seventh or worse and Checo Pérez sixth.

Fourth with extra point: Charles must be eighth or but, Sergio must not exceed seventh place.

Fourth without extra point: The Monegasque has to finish eighth without the bonus or ninth or but with the fastest lap. For his part, the man from Guadalajara needs to be seventh without the extra unit or eighth with the additional point.

Fifth with extra point: Let Leclerc be ninth or worse and Czech eighth and below.

Fifth without extra point: Charles must be 9th or lower without the fastest lap or 10th or higher with the bonus. As long as Pérez is eighth or but without a fastest lap or ninth or more with the extra.

Sixth with extra point: that Charles is ninth or worse and that Sergio is ninth and below.

Sixth without extra point: Leclerc must be out of the Top 10 and that Checo does not go beyond ninth place and without a fast lap or that he be tenth with a fast lap.


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