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What do the NFC letters mean on your Android phone?

Android It has been the most used operating system in the world for mobile devices for a long time, although Apple and its iOS have a lot of weight in popular culture, the system developed by Google is the most used, mainly because of the freedom it gives them. gives its users, giving a large number of options, including nfcbut many do not know what this means.

The idea behind Android as the main operating system is to give people who use it almost unlimited options to modify the device to their liking, so in practically every corner of the settings you can find things that can be complicated. to understand for many or that you have no idea what they are, today we are out of one of those doubts.

The meaning of NFC on Android devices

Contrary to what many believe, the NFC function is not something new in Android cell phones, since the option has been present for several years, but it is something so specific that many leave it aside and it is an innovative technology that opens many possibilities.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. which is a short-range and high-speed data transmission technology, a kind of bluetooth that works at very high speeds (424 kbit/s) with a maximum extension of 15 cm between the connected devices.

This technology allows you to perform some tasks that will surely make your life easier in many situations, because it allows data transmission and synchronization in record time. Some of the things you can do with NFC are:

– Instant synchronization of devices: With this option, you can achieve instant synchronization simply by hovering your phone near a compatible device such as speakers.

– Digital Wallet: Thanks to NFC you can also use your phone to pay if you have it linked to your bank account or debit and credit cards, simply by passing it near the payment equipment.

– Identification: Likewise, the process can be carried out when it comes to identification cards or for public transport, so you only have to take your cell phone with you.

– Data transmission: You can share all kinds of files quickly and easily with other compatible devices, from photos and videos to web content.


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