Friday, September 22, 2023

“We have already made history and we want to continue making it”

Athena del Castillo and round dawn they appeared before the media two days before the quarterfinal duel against the Netherlands. Two very different footballers but the same speech: The team works as one, it doesn’t look beyond this Friday’s game and wants to continue making history.

Athenea: “We must not stop the euphoria”

“We played a good game against Switzerland, offsetting the one against Japan. We must not stop the euphoria. We have worked to achieve these victories. We want it to be an important day and hopefully we will have a good game to go to the semifinals, which is what we want.” .

“It is a team that accumulates a lot of people in the middle and has very long lanes. We are going to play our game, counteract their verticality with Martens and their outside game and show our best version.”

“Spain always plays the same, although depending on the rivals we can have different nuances. We have 23 players with different resources. We have to counteract the speed they have up front because they can create superiority for us. We are aware of what we have to do and together we are going to try to get the win.”

“We have made history and we want to continue making it. I would tell the fans in Spain that they should be as excited as we are and get up to watch the game at three in the morning. I hope it’s a victory, but I’m sure it’s going to be a great game “.

Alba: “Looking further would be a mistake”

“We are faithful to our style of play, but above all we have worked on being effective, both behind and in front.”

“I feel very well, happy, feeling like a footballer. We are twenty-three players and anyone can play, both those who play and those who don’t. We all support each other, because we are a team.”

“I found out that I was going to be captain at the same moment, there were no captains left on the field. I don’t care about the bracelet, each player contributes their seniority and their stripes.”

“Switzerland’s victory gave us a lot of energy, but anything can happen. Looking beyond the game is a mistake, it would be wrong. We are going step by step.”


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