Monday, December 4, 2023

“We do not receive any money or travel expenses,” Nuria Diosdado contradicts López Obrador

After having made history in the Artistic Swimming World Cupwhere he obtained four medals (three gold and one bronze), the Mexican team of discipline insists that the Federal government did not contribute any weight to pay for the trip to Egyptvenue of the event.

Nuria Diosdado, captain of the representative and double gold medalist in the event, clarifies that “this trip comes from a collaboration with the Safetti brand. This design (of a bathing suit) is made and part of the profits was to have money for the team.

“Since December, we have stopped receiving that money because the scholarships were taken away by conade and of the Government”, adds the undine, in an interview with w sports. “We managed to arrive —through social networks— with Arturo Elias Ayub; He receives us in his office, we explain the situation to him, because we feared that we would not be able to compete and, after days of talks, the yes of Telmex-Tecel Foundation, that covers the cost of the entire trip.

The clarification is given after the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ensure that he Government did cover part of the expenses, since six members of the team belong to the Secretary of National Defense.

“No, it seems to me that the President has false or half information,” he says diosdado. “Six of us belong to the armed forces of mexico and yes, we have a salary and benefits like anyone else. But that is apart, it is not our invention. The reality is that the supports were removed.

“He president got confused or wrong. We do not receive any money or per diem. The trip cost more than 900,000 pesos for the 14 people who went to Egypt”.

Where they stood up, despite the problems they experience by not receiving the amount of their scholarship due to the conflict in the Mexican Swimming Federation: “Our result speaks for itself. Where we have stopped, we have given results”.


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