Saturday, December 2, 2023

We are with you

How excited we were when this summer, very early on, Sebastián and I talked about you being in the first team. Last season with so many problems, you helped us a lot on a daily basis. And when your time came after Lucía’s injury, you were able to take a step forward and take advantage of your opportunity. I tell you so well that if you were not qualified, you would not have achieved it. But you were there in every training session, while your knee respected you, adding and preparing yourself in case that opportunity came.

And when that opportunity came you were able to show that defensively you are a top player. I’m sure that Rachel Howard, who has had a great season this year in the Women’s League, will not have forgotten your defense in Pineda that play off game. But you were also able to take advantage of the advantages you had to not only add from defense. I remember some game talking to someone about how well you defended and then looking at the statistics and seeing that not only did you do that, you also added seven or eight points.

What you did is called earning your way to being in the first team this season. And with that idea we started. Of course, understanding your needs. Understanding how important it was for you in September to combine training with your work in the preseason. And we respect you to the fullest. And we waited for you, because it was very valuable for us to see you rushing to arrive as soon as possible or leave quickly because you had a shift after training.

And when everything was normalizing, when it seemed that you were back to one hundred percent, when we were clear that you were going to be focused on being yourself on the court and giving us the best of yourself, the knee again said ‘here I am.’ It’s not easy to come to train every day and see yourself alone in the gym. Ask yourself how you are, when you have an appointment for the MRI or what day you are going to the orthopedic surgeon to find out the results. But it is clear that how hard it can be for me or for us has no comparison to what it must be for you. However, you are always with a smile on your face, you continue to show us that you are very strong.

Now you have to make the decision. Do you have surgery or not? The other day when she was talking to you, it’s true that I got emotional. And I didn’t know what I could say to you. I am no one to tell you what is best for you. I do not want you to one day regret making the wrong decision because your coach tried to convince you of an option by being selfish, for the good of the team. You know that I always say that the team is above all of us and that we are here to give the best of each one of us for the good of the team. But not in this case. The most important thing is you. And we will be with you whatever you decide. You will always have me by your side, because you deserve it and because I only want the best for you. In that I am selfish, I want you to be happy above all else.

Take your time, think carefully about what you want to do, what is best for you. You must be totally convinced and have no doubts. Once you make that decision, you know that you will have everyone’s unconditional support. We will be watching over you because you are not alone in this. Whatever it is, we will face it together. With us you know what you are going to count on. And also that you are going to overcome it once again. Besides, this isn’t like the other time. We didn’t know each other then and I can’t talk much about that, but I guess that experience was much harder and more expensive. This is like going through the pits. Before you even realize it, everything will be fine again. But if you decide to continue, also count on us to take care of you as much as possible so that you don’t resent it, you know that too. We only want the best for you.

I know that it is not easy and that there are moments when you think one thing and others when you think another. But you calm down. Listen to everyone but without anyone influencing you because the knee is yours and it is your life. And without further ado. We face it and move on. You are still very, very young and in your life you will surely find yourself in similar circumstances in which you have to make an important decision, perhaps even more important than this one.

A lot of encouragement, a lot of strength and, you know, take your time until you have it clear. From there, all with you. That’s for sure.

A big kiss, Erika.

I love you.


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