Monday, December 11, 2023

Warriors tie the NBA Finals

The second game of the 2022 finals of the NBA, where the Warriors of Golden State They prevailed with a score of 107 to 88 against the boston celtics to tie the series at one; with an outstanding performance by Stephen Curry who achieved his fourteenth consecutive game with at least five triples.

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The meeting was even during the first two quarters; Both 50 went to the halftime break with a difference of only two points: 52 to 50 in favor of the Warriors who had a consistent game and responded to the onslaught of the Celtics.

The difference took place in the third period when the team from The Bay achieved a difference of 21 points that they did not let go in the rest of the game; Boston only scored 14 points in this period while Golden State He added 35 and thus headed for victory.

The keys of the game were the defensive adjustments he made Golden State which also had five players with more than 10 points including Curry with 29; for his part, Jason Tatum was the top scorer Boston when registering 28 units.

The Mexican Juan Toscano saw action for 4 minutes in which he recorded two rebounds and two assists. The third meeting will be held next Wednesday, June 8.


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