Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wall Street rebounds and the Dow Jones closes with a rise of 1.16%

Wall Street it rebounded this Monday after the losses of the last sessions and the Dow Jones Industrials, its main indicator, added a solid 1.16% to open a week in which investors await new inflation data and more business results.

At the end of the operations in the NYSEthe Dow Jones gained more than 400 points, up to 35,473.13 units, while the selective S&P 500 rose 0.90%, up to 4,518.44 integers.

The Market Composite Index nasdaqwhere the main technology companies are listed, gained 0.61% and ended the day at 13,994.40 points.

The three indices -especially the Nasdaq- had accumulated setbacks last week after the rating downgrade of the United States debt by the Fitch agency and with many investors ready to make cash after the rises in the market in recent months.

Today, Wall Street recovered its pulse and all sectors registered gains, with the sole exception of utilities, which lost a slight 0.02%.

The most benefited of the day were those of communications (1.88%), finances (1.36%) and industrials (126%).

Among the 30 values ​​of the Dow Jones The rises of Amgen (3.97%), Boeing (2.97%) and Johnson & Johnson (2.41%) stood out, while only three firms ended in red: Apple (-1.73%), 3M (-0.27%) and Verizon (- 0.26%).

Outside of that index, the sharp rise in the feeding group Sovos Brands, which shot up more than 25% after an agreement was announced for its acquisition by the historic manufacturer of Campbell’s soups in a transaction valued at US$2.7 billion.

Markets are now awaiting US inflation data due this week and the tail end of the wave of corporate earnings, generally down but somewhat better than analysts had predicted so far. .


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