Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wall Street opens in red and the Dow Jones falls 0.21%

Wall Street it opened today in the red and the Dow Jones Industrials, its main indicator, lost 0.21% at the opening, in an apparent reaction to some inflation data released yesterday and which turned out to be worse than expected.

Three minutes after the start of operations at the NYSEthe Dow Jones stood at 35,103 units and the selective S&P 500 it was also down 0.45%, up to 4,448 points.

For its part, the composite market index nasdaqin which the main technology companies are listed, fell 0.73%, to 13,637 integers.

The data from yesterday that seems to weigh down investors’ spirits is that of the inflation in julywhich stood at a slight rise of 0.2% (3.2% year-on-year), which does not quite allay fears of new interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve (Fed).

By sector, the prevailing Red numbers, being the greatest losses for non-essential goods (-0.98%), technology (0.9%) and communications (0.89%); in green appeared those of energy (0.6%) and public services (0.23%).

Among the 30 values ​​of the Dow Jones, the movement is discreet this morning and very few exceed one percentage point above or below: among those who lose stand out Disney (-1.78%) and Microsoft (-0.97%); in green appear Merck (0.99%) and United Health (0.84%).


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