Thursday, September 21, 2023

Wall Street closes in red and the Dow Jones loses 0.54%

Wall Street closed this Wednesday in red and the Dow Jones Industrials, its main indicator, lost 0.54%, when investors await the new inflation data that will be released on Thursday.

At the end of the operations in the NYSEthe Dow Jones fell to 35,123 points, while the selective S&P 500 dropped 0.70%, up to 4,467 units.

The Composite Market Index Fared Worse nasdaqwhich groups technology companies and fell 1.17%, to 13,722 integers.

The general impression is that the inflation figure July it will be around 0.2%, a figure that is very far from what it showed a year ago, in July 2022, when it rose 8.5% at the inflationary peak.

And yet, it does not seem that these data are going to suppose that the Federal Reserve stop raising interest rates. As headlined by the CNBC economic portal, “Thursday’s inflation data may be low, but no one expects the Fed to declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ for now.”

By sectors, the worst unemployed this Wednesday were technology (-1.51%) and communications (-1.24%)while among the winners only energy stood out (1.22%), encouraged in his case by oil prices in an apparently unstoppable rise.

Among the 30 values ​​of the Dow Jonesthe biggest falls were for Salesforce (-2.7%) and Intel (-2.11%), while among those that closed in green, Dow (0.96%) and Honeywell (0.85%) stood out.

At the close of the stock market, it published its business results Disneythe entertainment giant, which reported a quarterly loss and was down 1.6% in a first poor market reaction, in electronic trading.

In other markets, Texas oil rose to US$84.40 a barrel and, at the close of the stock market, gold fell to US$1,949 an ounce, the yield of the US ten-year bond fell to 4.004% and the dollar lost ground against the euro, with a change of US$1,097.


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