Saturday, December 2, 2023

Wall Street closes in red and Dow Jones falls 1.01%, pending results

Wall Street closed this Tuesday in red and the Dow Jones Industrials, its main indicator, fell 1.01%, with investors betting on caution in an intense day of quarterly results.

At the close of operations, the Dow Jones fell to 33,531.72 units and the selective S&P 500 fell 1.58% to 4,071.71 points.

For his part, he composite index of the Nasdaq market, in which the main technology companies are listed, lost 1.98% to 11,799.16 integers.

He new york parquet went through a volatile session with an eye on First Republic Bank, which yesterday disclosed its accounts and admitted to losing almost half its deposits during the banking crisis that followed the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

First Republic today it plummeted more than 49% in reaction to that information, which has resurfaced fears for the health of the financial sector US, the path of interest rates and the proximity of a recession.

Others results to which investors reacted were those of 3M (-0.61%), Pepsico (2.27%), General Motors (-4.02%), General Electric (-1.68%), McDonald’s (-0.55%), Verizon (-0.58%) and UPS (-9.98%), known this morning.

Meanwhile, after the closing Today figures from Microsoft and Alphabet are expected, but the mood does not seem optimistic and both firms recorded descents of 2.25% and 2%, respectively.

All sectors ended in redled by basic materials (-2.16%), technology (-2.08%) and non-essential goods (-2.05%)

Among the 30 Dow Jones values, the falls of Dow Inc (-5.21%), American Express (-2.79%) and Intel (-2.63%) stood out.

The biggest revenue went to Johnson & Johnson (0.93%), which yesterday announced that it plans to pull apart his health and consumer products business, called Kenvue, and take it public.

In others marketsTexas oil fell to US$77.07 a barrel, and at the end of the trading session the return on the 10-year US bond fell to 3.38%, gold rose to US$2,009.40 an ounce, and the dollar gained ground against the euro, with a change of 1.0967.


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