Thursday, November 30, 2023

visionOS beta 6 includes new videos that teach how to use Apple Vision Pro

We still do not have a date for the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, but it should not take long considering that Apple aimed sometime in early 2024, although it seems only in the United States. We do have more information about what we will see when they are available. All thanks to visionOS beta being available to developers with the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit.

Thanks to the fact that developers can tinker with the Apple Vision Pro SDK, we can take a look at some of the internal files that are included in visionOS beta 6. Although we already knew many details of the interface and operation, the latest beta They include some of the videos that will guide users through setting up the glasses.

These videos, and especially the start one, allow us to get an idea of ​​the first thing Vision Pro users will see. And because the Apple Vision Pro doesn’t look like any other device that Apple has presented, the company has reinforced the tutorials that guide the user to learn how to use the device.

The most interesting of all, new in visionOS beta 6, shows users how to navigate the visionOS interface, perhaps one of the most incredible changes due to Apple’s glasses interaction system.

visionOS Beta includes videos to teach the user how to use the Apple Vision Pro

Lasting just 35 seconds, the introductory video shows the setup process, teaching users how by simply looking at elements on the screen, such as app icons, they can move around the interface and click on them using the two-finger tapping gesture. It is, in fact, a video very similar to the one that the company showed at the official presentation of the Apple Vision Pro, but with narration:

Your eyes and hands are how you navigate Apple Vision Pro. You navigate the system by looking, and it responds to your eyes. Simply look at an item and pinch your fingers together to select it. It’s like a click on your Mac. To scroll, put your fingers together and move gently. You can keep your hands where they are comfortable, such as resting on your lap.

Another beta video shows us a more detailed look at how users can create their 3D “Avatar” for FaceTime calls using the glasses. The process is similar to registering a new face on an iPhone or iPad with Face ID. You just have to hold and point the Vision Pro at your face, and then move your face sideways, up and down, smile and wink. And ready.

We’ll likely see more videos as the release gets closer. And not only in the glasses themselves, since Apple, when it introduces a new product, generally includes an instructional video on the website or its official channels.

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