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Virat Kohli: ‘I am not happy with 40-45’, Rahul Dravid interviewed Virat Kohli after his record-breaking innings, see

The last match of the Border-Gavaskar Test series played between India and Australia ended in a draw. But there was good news for the Indian team and its fans in this match. Team India’s star player Virat Kohli scored an inning of 186 runs in this match and with this, his 3-year drought in Test format also ended. Done. Virat Kohli also got the Player of the Match award for this innings.

After this brilliant innings, Team India’s head coach and former cricketer Rahul Dravid had a special conversation with Virat Kohli, the video of which has been released by the BCCI. Virat Kohli told in this conversation how this innings was different from his other innings, which was very slow and carefully played.

Rahul enjoyed Kohli
Head coach Rahul Dravid also made fun of Virat Kohli here and said that I have seen many Test hundreds of Virat Kohli as a player, as a spectator, but as a coach, I was waiting for this moment for the last 15-16 months. Finally the moment came and we saw another Test century from Virat Kohli.

Hitting boundaries was not easy: Kohli
Virat Kohli talked about this innings and said that I knew I was playing well, it was a better wicket to bat on. Australia’s bowlers bowled well and took all the help that could be taken from this pitch. Kohli said that Australia fielded 7-2 for me, it was not easy to hit boundaries here.

Virat Kohli, who played an innings of 186 runs, told that sometimes it happens that you have to depend on single-double, if no boundary comes in four sessions, then I am ready for that. Virat told us that you need to be physically fit to play such a big innings, so that if you are mentally ready, he can support you.

What did Kohli say after not scoring a century for a long time?
This Test century of Virat Kohli has come after about 40 months, he last scored a Test century in November 2019 and now this century has come. Virat Kohli talked about not scoring a century for a long time and said that if you do not score a century, then this thing can bother you as a batsman. But I am myself someone who is not happy at 40-45, because if I am playing at 40, I know I can make 150 here as well. When I was not able to do so, I used to get disappointed with myself. The numbers don’t matter, but you want to play big innings for your team and help in whatever way you can.

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Kohli’s answer is no.
Let us tell you that this is Virat Kohli’s 28th century in Test format, while Virat Kohli’s number of centuries in international cricket has reached 75. Among the current active players, Virat Kohli is the player with the most centuries, he is 25 centuries away from Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 centuries. Virat Kohli has 28 centuries in Test, 46 in ODI and 1 century in T20.

If we talk about the innings of 186 runs played in Ahmedabad, then it came in a total of 364 balls, which included 15 fours. Virat Kohli’s strike rate remained around 51 during this period, this was the slowest strike rate innings in Virat Kohli’s big innings. This is the reason why every expert is talking about Virat Kohli’s style in this innings.

Virat Kohli’s big scores in Test cricket (strike rate)

• 254* vs South Africa, strike rate – 75.59
• 243 vs Sri Lanka, strike rate – 84.66
• 235 vs England, strike rate – 69.11
• 213 vs Sri Lanka, strike rate – 79.77
• 211 vs New Zealand, strike rate – 57.65
• 204 vs Bangladesh, strike rate – 82.92
• 200 vs West Indies, strike rate – 70.67
• 186 vs Australia, strike rate – 51.09

Virat Kohli’s record against Australia
24 Tests, 42 innings, 1979 runs, 48.26 average, 8 centuries, 5 fifties

Test record of Virat Kohli
108 Tests, 183 Innings, 8416 Runs, 48.93 Average, 28 Centuries, 28 Fifties

Virat Kohli’s International Centuries
Total centuries 75 – 28 Tests, 46 ODIs, 1 T20

Virat Kohli in Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2023
4 Tests, 6 Innings, 297 Runs, 49.50 Average, 1 Century


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