Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Virat Kohli asked his friends to watch the match at home without asking for tickets

And just one day later, the curtain rises on the ICC ODI World Cup. This season is being held in India. So Indian cricket lovers want to enjoy the game by sitting in the stadium. But the problem is not getting tickets for the match.

Cricket lovers request many people associated with cricket to get tickets. The cricketers are not left out. Virat Kohli, the big poster-boy of Indian cricket, brought this issue to everyone. It is indicated in one of his posts that he also has to get into trouble with the ticket of the match!

In a story given on the social media Instagram, Kohli has shared this information which is ironic but ‘funny’. In that story, the Indian star wrote, ‘When the World Cup is just around the corner, I humbly inform my friends that no one will ask me for tickets for the entire tournament. Enjoy the game from home, please (smile emoji).’

Then Kohli’s story was shared by his wife and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Along with this, Anushka also added a small comment of her own with a smiley emoji, ‘And add me too (to the do not request list). If I don’t reply to your message, please don’t ask me again. Thanks everyone for understanding.

ODI World Cup starts on October 5. The two finalists of the last World Cup, England and New Zealand, will enter the field in the first match. India’s World Cup mission will begin with a match against Australia on October 8.

(04 October/NBW/FA)


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