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Vinted: what it is, how it works and how to sell second-hand clothes

They always sold us the idea that new things are better. But it all depends on your context. The second hand has become a serious alternative for all kinds of products that we are going to use little. And in a context in which values ​​such as sustainabilitythe reuse and the exploitation of the available resources, markets such as the second-hand clothes They are booming. And in the form of applications like the popular Wallapop or the app specialized in fashion Vinted.

Although it is not the only one, Vinted is possibly the second hand clothes app best known. And in the app stores, in the shopping categorywe always find Vinted among the ten first places. Competing with online shopping proposals for new products such as Shein, Amazon either decathlon.

But what does it consist of? sell second-hand clothes online? Below we tell you what services Vinted offers such as online platform second-hand and what you have to do to buy or sell your own clothes secondhand.

What is Vinted?

As it is very likely that you have seen an advertisement for Vinted in the press, on television or on the internet, by now you will already know that it is a mobile app for buy and sell second-hand clothes. And if you are familiar with similar applications, such as the well-known Wallapop, you should know that Vinted is an intermediary.

As they themselves explain on their website, it is a platform that serves to connect buyers and sellers. And more specifically, second-hand clothes are bought and sold. Although there is much more. That is, Vinted does not sell anything directly, as Amazon does. What it does do is put the facilities so that purchases and sales are carried out in the best possible way.

You can use Vinted from its applications for Android, iPhone and iPad but also from its official website. Like everything is centralized in your user accountyou can alternate between the available options depending on which one you feel most comfortable with.

Sell ​​second-hand clothes with Vinted

If it comes to buying and selling, at Vinted you can have two roles. The one of seller and that of buyer. Both are compatible with each other. Precisely, the beauty of second-hand clothes is that you can sell what you no longer use and buy something that will be new to you in your closet.

Whether you want to be a seller or a buyer, the first thing is register as a user on Vinted. The process is quick, as you only have to enter an email address or take advantage of your Facebook, Google or Apple ID to waste less time.

Once registered, you will have to fill out your profile. As Vinted explains in her help center, the goal of your profile is to “build trust.” That is, add a photo, verify the account, describe yourself and indicate what Shipping options you will offer to your buyers.

After registering and creating your profile, you can now put your second-hand clothes for sale. For avoid problems, you should take a look at Vinted’s rules. Not everything goes. Although it is possible to sell clothing, footwear, accessories, children’s toys, brand new beauty products, technology, home, entertainment and things for pets. Yes indeed. In good condition, legal and meets hygiene standards.

Each item or batch of items should appear with photos that describe it well. At least 5 images. You will also need to include a description, indicate the size of the package from the available list, etc. Before your ad is visible, it will go through a automatic review. Usually take 30 minutes but sometimes it takes up to 1 or 2 days.

Image by congerdesign on Pixabay

How to send the item I have sold

When someone agrees to buy the second-hand clothes that you have published on Vinted, the last step is to send those items. When creating your seller profile, you indicated the shipping options you accept from Settings > Shipping.

Although it depends on where you live and where your buyer lives, Vinted offers three shipping methods, although the first is the one that is most recommended:

  • Prepaid Shipping Labels generated by Vinted
  • Custom shipping. Only available for bulky and difficult to ship items
  • meet in person. Only available for bulky and difficult to ship items

Vinted allows you to choose between these parcel delivery companies: InPost, Correos, UPS, SEUR, Envialia, DHL, KOIKI and Boyacá. “When the buyer selects and pays for the integrated shipping option (prepaid label) when purchasing an item, we will send the seller a shipping label. digital delivery or a code to obtain the shipping label.” In addition, “the seller will receive it in his inbox along with the instructions for sending the order (i.e. whether the label needs to be printed, where to leave the package, etc.).”

When will I charge for my shipping?

When the buyer receives the package and indicates everything is fine through their Vinted app, you will receive the payment in your Vinted balance. Meanwhile, you can follow the shipment from the conversation screen between seller and buyer, in the section Track package. He Vinted balance It’s Vinted’s way of manage payments, through an intermediary service called MangoPay. From there, transfers “may take up to 5 business days to appear in your bank account.”

In summary, to sell second hand clothes with Vinted:

  1. You register as a user
  2. You create your seller profile
  3. You put an item or lot up for sale
  4. After agreeing on the purchase, you ship (you have 5 business days to do so)
  5. When the buyer says OK, you receive payment
  6. Optionally, you can rate when purchasing
  7. He will also value you as a seller
At Vinted you can buy and sell second-hand clothes and much more

Buy second-hand clothes with Vinted

In addition to selling second-hand clothes, you can also buy from other users. And as we saw before, In addition to clothes there is much more in the different categories and sections. Otherwise, the process to become a buyer is similar to that of a seller.

First you register as a user. Then you fill out your profile and configure your payment method, among other things. From there, you can search articlessee their descriptions and photographs, compare prices, see the seller’s reputation, etc.

As in this type of applications, if you have any questions about the article you can contact the seller via chat. There you can ask questions and offers about the price of the product. For example, creating a batch with several items.

When you have reached an agreement, you can buy the second-hand clothes you have chosen. During payment you will have to indicate your address, telephone number and payment method. Also the shipping option. As payment methods, you can choose between credit and/or debit card, Apple Pay, Vinted Balance or iDEAL. More information in this link.

When will I receive my purchase

When you make the payment, you will see that a buyer protection rate. It serves to refund the money you paid if the item does not arrive, is damaged or does not correspond to the description.

From here, the seller has 5 business days to send the item. The shipping itself takes between 5 and 7 business days. Meanwhile, you can follow up. Finally, when you receive the item, you can indicate that everything is correct in a period between 2 and 14 days.

In summary, to buy second hand clothes with Vinted:

  1. You register as a user
  2. Find something you like
  3. You contact the seller if necessary
  4. You make the purchase, choosing payment method and shipping options
  5. You receive the product at your home
  6. You indicate through the app that everything is fine or if there is a problem

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