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Vinicius’s final: no greeting to the referees, fantasy assistance with cheers to Spain and hook up with Chimy

The bankruptcy of Vinicius to Moncayola in minute 2 of the cup finalwhich ended with Rodrygo’s early goal, anticipated a night of hardship for Jon Moncayola. The Navarrese is the boy for everything from Jagoba Arrasate, the solution for the right side of Osasuna that he has found to cope with the injuries of Nacho Vidal and the lack of confidence in the defensive virtues of Rubén Peña, who played in the final as a winger.

And Moncayola meets where they put him, but he is not a born right back. something he took advantage of Vinicius for give flight to the attack real Madrid on the left side, while from the stands of La Cartuja, with the white team already ahead, chants of “Long live Spain!” were heard. It was the way of the Madrid fans to answer the osasunistas who whistled the anthem and the king before the game.

Vinicius gets mad

Things got even more complicated for Osasuna with the card that Moncayola saw after 20 minutes. But then what happens to Vinicius so often happened: that rival fouls drive him crazy (whether they are punished by the referee or not) and make him lose focus on football.


Final of the Copa del Rey | Real Madrid – Osasuna, in pictures

The Brazilian had already exhibited his anger with the arbitration body at the start of the match. He completed the handrail with the Osasuna soccer players, but when his teammates went to complete this process with sanchez martinez and the rest of the match officials, Vinicius decided to go to his bench to take off the sweatshirt with which he had posed during the anthem.

His anger rose to the brink of rest, he confronted David García and he touched his hair as a mockery. It was Vinicius who saw the yellow and did not take it well. To the point that he, he changed to the changing room tunnel, he faced the Osasunista bench. Chimy Ávila, with boiling blood, jumped to look for himbut Rüdiger and Lucas Vázquez quickly came out to avoid a mess.

The discussion with Ancelotti

“Why are you talking?” he seemed to say. Carlo Ancelotti between one moment and another, between the card and his challenge to the Osasuna bench. The Italian got angry again, who, although always protectiveHe has already sent him a public message about it and that he has tried to talk to him to get him to control his anger. The player and coach discussed briefly on the pitch at La Cartuja and it is something that is starting to recur.

The fact is that, between some things and others, Vinicius seemed to leave the game. His great performance in the first half, in which Real Madrid forgave, was completely diluted after the break.

Participated in both goals

But just when Chimy came onto the field, coincidence or not, the Brazilian was reactivated. As if he had just paused, the bottom line won again, dribble goes, dribble comes, to send the ball to the heart of the area. It was the move that, after a first attempt by Kroos, ended with Real Madrid’s second goal, the second also from his partner Rodrygo.

With Osasuna overturned, he starred in several promising attacks. He was even able to score, already in the 90th minutein a counterattack in which he was too generous, giving the ball to Benzema (and very badly, too) when he had a clear opportunity for the shot.

It was not necessary. Real Madrid withstood the final attacks by the Navarrese and raised their 20th Cup title. The first for Vinicius, who had an (almost) full night.


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