Thursday, March 23, 2023

Vinicius, Militao and Asensio give Real Madrid a spring victory

He real Madrid achieved a sunny and spring victory against a Spanish as warm as the pink of her shirt. A team that locks in on your area and hugs Joselu’s punchenough arguments to survive in the First Division, but insufficient in a field like the Bernabéu. The whites came back from the goal of the ‘perico’ striker with goals from Vinicius, Militao and Asensio in a placid duel for Ancelotti’s men, They played with Liverpool in mind, with whom they will face off next Tuesday in the Champions League.

This patched and wrinkled Madrid is a team with big parties. Shocks that have no pedigree make you lazy. If, in addition, the commitment is at the embarrassing lunch hour, an uncomfortable time for a team accustomed to playing in an aristocratic time slot like nine at night, then the duel becomes an uncomfortable process. And if we add to this that This Madrid is a team with an unbalanced squad that Ancelotti patches up its shortcomings by displacing the players into unlikely roles, chances of stumbling increase.

Laziness and patches were joined by a sober rival with a professional striker like Joselu, one of his strikers who shoots before thinking. After seven minutes, all the ingredients were mixed in the shaker when Camavinga, a suspicious winger, ate a long ball with Rubén Sánchez winning the back and giving away a pass to the center where Joselu appeared to nail it into the top corner. Another uphill game.

Vinicius goal

Madrid took twenty minutes to make an appearance. The ones that Ancelotti took to come off the bench to squeeze his sleepy players. The game won vertigo and they began to appear in spaces. And there Madrid is Tyson. With Benzema at home waiting for Liverpool and Rodrygo acting as an emergency 9, Vinicius received a ball and began to advance against some rivals who did not decide to enter him, which the Brazilian took advantage of to shoot low, achieving the tie. The whites needed little, as they were already flying at the Bernabéu.

The game passed between shouts of Corruption in the Federation! and arbitration entanglements with a Figueroa Vázquez who complicated his life with expendable cards like Vinicius’s, who stirred up the stands. The minutes dripped and Espanyol dwindled in their area until a chaotic corner kick ended with a header from Militao after a cross with the outside of Tchouaméni. Pure heterodoxy. Madrid arrived at halftime with the process underway.

The second part passed between yawns. Carletto followed the game with a raised eyebrow, suspicious of a game that was not tied and in which any defensive neglect could cost him dearly. Beyond the fight for the League, which is very uphill for the whites, the Italian aspired to resolve the commitment minimizing risks and efforts. Asensio and Ceballos, cornered on the bench despite being in the middle of the renewal phase, had a few minutes in the final stretch, in which Rodrygo nailed Pacheco’s crossbar with a foul in the most notable opportunity of the second round. The duel was declining as the minutes passed and Espanyol tried to stretch in the last minutes with offensive changes. The visitors died in the rival area and the Bernabéu whistled the neglect of their own, who watched as Cabrera and Braithwaite finished off without luck.

Those in pink and Marco Asensio, through a pass from Nacho, put the finishing touch on discount with another goal that questions the lack of prominence of the Balearic Islands. Victoria as placid as lazy.


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